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Ok. Ok. I have left you hanging in suspense long enough (thanks so much for the congratulatory comments, emails and phone calls today! What a fun day!). Here is how yesterday's proposal unfolded...

If you live in Maine, you may have heard about Your Piece of Maine, a contest sponsored by the Maine Association of Realtors. The rules require that you submit a 3-minute (or less) video on YouTube explaining why you want a piece of Maine. There are 10 prizes; first prize is $20,000!

J had decided that it might be fun to put something together, highlighting that he moved here from California and then feature a few of his favorite local places. He also decided he is ready to trade in his California license plates and officially become a Maine-iac, something we both thought would be a cute angle for the end of his video.

After I came home from work (feels so odd to write that!), we (dogs, too) piled into the car to go for a walk at Higgins Beach in Scarborough, something we do most nights. The weather was particularly gorgeous yesterday, and the sunset was spectacular.

We strolled down the beach with our little point & shoot camera (that also takes video) and my tripod until we found the right spot and waited for the right light for J to talk about why he loves the beach in Maine. He wanted me in this clip, since this is an activity we do together.

He was setting up the camera and asked me to walk toward the water to mark our starting spot. You'll have to watch the video to see what happened next (note how I think he's done and try to pull away to turn the camera off- he pulls me back and goes into his proposal talk)!!

I think it was a pretty ingenious way of a) catching me off-guard and b) capturing a really important moment in our lives forever on tape!

Our family pic.

Let me give you a little back story on the ring...

My grandma June Morgan lives in Scottsdale and is one of the most classy, stylish women you will ever meet. She has bleach blond hair, bright pink lipstick and is always impeccably dressed (she used to own a dress shop). As a young girl, I used to play dress-up in her fancy clothes for hours and each night she would treat me to a facial before bed. Many years ago grandma introduced me to the little blue box magic of Tiffany. I have a drawer full of beautiful keepsakes marking both major and minor milestones in my life, white ribbons still in tact.

A few weeks after J and I met in 2006 (and before he learned of my Tiffany infatuation), UPS delivered a package from J in a little blue box to remind me he was always thinking of me even tho 3,000 miles separated us for the first 7 months that we were dating.

Fast forward to more recent months, where J and I talked more seriously about rings and even tried on a few. During our romantic Valentine's Day dinner I had a feeling that he might propose soon and we talked about what it would mean to have a Tiffany diamond to pass down in our family for years to come.

Here is the stunning bling. Tiffany tracked down a ring in their Hawaii store that is the exact carat weight of my lucky number, a thoughtful detail only J would be so kind to consider.

J, I can't thank you enough for your sweet proposal (and for including the dogs!) and for loving me the way no one else does. You mean the world to me and I am so excited to spend the rest of my life with you. I love you!

Now, to answer the questions everyone is asking:
1. We don't know when/where the wedding will be.
2. We don't know who will be our photographers.

But we will surely let you know when we do! :)


  1. Anonymous9:33 PM

    AWWWW! This is just the best-and so creative! LOVE the video-so entertaining! xo, Kate and the fam

  2. Anonymous9:41 PM

    Awwww! That was awesome! I even made John pause the NBA playoffs to watch the video :)

    Congrats! A big hug from us,
    Vicky & John

  3. Totally bawling:...) Thank you for sharing, and congratulations upon congratulations! Thrilled for you both of course, and excited to celebrate this weekend. The champagne is already chilled!
    -Sam, Kyle, Alder and even Nikon!

    (And P.S. There is no way in Hades we are entering that contest now!!! You are a shoe-in for the top prize!)

  4. Anonymous11:22 PM

    OK...I just cried more for your proposal than for my own. I was laughing all through mine, much like it sounded like you were. So sweet!! Best of luck for a lifetime of happiness and love.

  5. Add me to the misty eyes category - what a great memory to have caught on tape - good job J :) :)

  6. How cute was that video? I really think you are going to win the prize, which J deserves because that was ingenious, creative and made me cry!! It made me remember my own marriage proposal... it would've be very cool to have it on video, but only if one could get it in a non-cheesy way like this. I LOVE IT!!!

    CONGRATS. Choose a photographer who's work makes your heart skip a beat. That's what I did :)

  7. Congrats!! I'm super excited for both of you!!

  8. Anonymous2:19 PM

    That is the sweetest thing ever! Makes me want to visit Maine and kiss my husband all at the same time. LOL

  9. what an amazing story. how lucky you both are to have found the perfect person :) have fun planning your wedding!!!!!!!!

  10. Anonymous8:21 PM

    Em & J - Congrats, great video - welcome to the family J. Love you both!!!! Sue & Matt

  11. that's amazing guys! I don't know if laura has already said something to you but I wish you the best and want to congratulate you both.

  12. Oh my gosh!! Never heard of a better proposal story!!
    Seriously!!! thank you so much for sharing that story. When you've been married for a while you NEED to hear these stories to bring back the spark and remember your own story that so easily gets lost in the hectic and crainess of everyday married life!!
    Congratulations again and thanks so much for sharing!!

  13. OK, that totally brought tears to my eyes! Congratulations, I am so excited for the both of you!

  14. ahhh... that was so sweet, it made me cry! kudos to J for that unique proposal!! we hope you get the "your piece of Maine" prize! although i'm sure the best part of main already is yours. :) we're so very very very happy for you both! - katrina

  15. Anonymous9:58 PM

    What a fantastic proposal. Congratulations! We wish you lots of happiness! ~Megan, Shawn & Howie Ordway

  16. WOOHOOO!! That's Awesome Em! Congratulations to you both. What a great way to do it! you guys are great. can't wait to see how this unfolds!

  17. We are so happy for you, it made me cry watching such a great moment for you. J is like the real deal girly girl ~ what a romantic! You deserve the best!

  18. Anonymous1:35 PM

    This just proves that you share a true love that will transcend time! And the Tiffany ring! You always have a place to stay in SoCal.

  19. Anonymous2:33 PM

    How sweet is that??!! Bravo J :) Thanks for sharing such a wonderful moment. Congratulations & Best wishes to you both!

  20. Anonymous2:48 PM

    Congratulations Emilie and J! Here is to many happy years and joyful surprises! Yay!

  21. Hi Emilie. Congratulations and thanks for keeping me updated. It's been a while since our workshop! So glad things are working out so well for you. Best of luck...Iris (formerly of the LA Times, now out on my own).

  22. So happy for you girl! What a great guy you have!!! Best wishes to you and J.


  23. Anonymous5:38 PM

    Congratulations Emilie! That was the cutest thing I've ever seen. You've got a pretty sneaky (but incredibly smart) guy. We're so happy for you!
    :-) Allison, Sam, Ben, and Zoe Barrett

  24. I felt like I was there! Even though I knew it was coming, it felt like such a surprise. I had no idea you were so crafty J...well done. And Em, loved the giggling, then kissing, then giggling again...!!

    Love Geneve

  25. Anonymous7:12 PM

    Congrats Em & J! Were the dogs in on it too? Those dogs are good at keeping secrets, arent' they!?

    All the best to you guys!


  26. Congratulations!! Love, peace and much joy & laughter to you both!

  27. Anonymous11:30 AM

    YEAH!!! We couldn't be more happy for you guys. You are both such sweet, wonderful people and we are thrilled you found each other. Best of luck with the contest, but it's clear you already won the best prize. :)

  28. Anonymous8:14 PM


  29. You two are so awesome!
    Congratulations, and thanks for making my day!
    I still have a huge smile from watching this.
    My favorite part is when Em sees the ring for the first time, love her reaction!

  30. Anonymous3:20 PM

    Congrats to both of you. What a great memory you've created. This clip shows so much about what is good and true in this world. Thank you for sharing it.


  31. emilie!!! this is so exciting- what a sweetheart j is!

  32. Anonymous4:12 PM




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