Welcome, Lila Jane


Two years ago I photographed the wedding of high school sweethearts Cora and Chad (Cora and I used to take dance class together in high school). They recently welcomed their first baby, Lila Jane. Days later, a sweet little video of their family appeared on YouTube.

I love how easy it is to share with the world!

If you're looking to capture your life with a video camera, but aren't crazy about investing a lot of money into a video camera I'd suggest checking out the FlipVideo. They're reasonable (starting at $149.99), cool (they come in several colors and are small enough to fit in your pocket) and so easy to use (with an automatic upload feature to YouTube)!
And when you want to gaze at your baby's preciousness on your walls in a frame, give me a call to set up an appointment for a portrait session. I have several sessions in the next few weeks to photograph the little bambinos of my past wedding clients! Congrats, all!

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