* Lindsay and Tim


venue: Rockywold/Deephaven Camps Squam Lake, NH
coordinator: Kate Parker Weddings
florist: Kate Parker Weddings
hair: Lena Hartford, Hair That Moves
ceremony musicians: High Range
reception band: The Allnighters
rehearsal dinner dress: LuKa NYC
wedding dress: Lindsay's mother's wedding dress
bridesmaid dresses: Diane Von Furstenberg

New Yorkers Lindsay and Tim created the ultimate camp chic experience for their out of town guests, with thoughtful attention to every last detail. They combined their last names Bello and Martin to create Camp BelloMartin, the theme of the weekend for all stationery, totes, and even t-shirts, jackets and sweatpants!

View the rehearsal dinner square dance slideshow **here.**

View the wedding day slideshow **here.**

A camping guide for guests.

In the back of the guide was a facebook of all the guests, how they know the bride & groom, where they live, and what cabin they stayed in. Brilliant!

The great save-the-date, left, and letterpress wedding invite (that incorporates a map of the camp).

Their rehearsal was a traditional square dance. Love Tim's belt buckle.

Lindsay's friend Luka designed her rehearsal dinner dress, so we took a few fashion shots on the dock.

On the wedding day, as I was taking this:

J was shooting from a different angle, which gives the image a "Where's Waldo" feel of the ceremony procession.

The beautiful lakeside setting among the trees.


Lindsay and Tim's getaway transportation was a canoe, dragging empty SoBe cans behind it (Lindsay's father started the company).

They stopped for a quick twirl on a raft (by J).

Meanwhile, guests enjoyed cocktails back at the ceremony site.

The newlyweds.

I love how lush everything is in June in New England!

The bridal party, trying very hard to organize themselves. I prefer this chaotic picture to the posed formal. It cracks me up to look at each person's expression and body language.

How sweet is this little guy? Lindsay, by the way, made all the bow ties for the men in the bridal party.

The flowers were stunning, skillfully assembled by Kate Parker.

The reception hall.

Love the glowy lanterns. They give great style to an otherwise nice, but plain, camp dining hall.

The centerpieces were beta fish.

Or underwater flowers.

The first dance.

Getting down!

Later in the evening, Lindsay's dad sang with the band (he was very good!). Great glare capture by J.

And they danced around champagne bottles that were passed around and chugged! I've never seen that before (by J).

It was an incredible celebration, that lasted until the lights came back up.

Congratulations, Lindsay and Tim! I hope you had a blast in Turkey and Greece and can't wait to put together an album from your very fun weekend. Thank you for having us!! Hugs!

ps- Loved seeing your announcement in the New York Times!


  1. Anonymous9:49 PM

    wow, what an awesomely unique event!

    your images really show the fun, love, and creativity shown by this couple -- it looks like they had so much fun.

  2. Gorgeous! You and J did an amazing job capturing all the details and emotions of their wedding. Looks like everyone had so much fun!

  3. This was a great wedding and fun to capture! Terrific families and an amazing couple...one of my favorite weddings and the reason I am going to bring back the bow tie :)

  4. I love that last shot of the table with half filled glasses of wine and the background. LOVE IT. It tells a story all in one image.

  5. What a wedding! You two are a terrific team, both professionally and personally and when they combine in this setting where you get to shoot people in love alongside the one you love, the results are explosive.

    And those details were so thoughtful on Lindsay and Tim's part. Stunning!

  6. great coverage you two! great mix of story telling images and nice clean pretty images... love it! congrats to the newlyweds!! - katrina


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