You are not so formally invited


I love that headline! It's borrowed from a USA Today article that appeared in Thursday's print and online editions written by my dear friend Olivia Barker about the creeping trend of electronic wedding invitations replacing the traditional snail mail variety. Evite reports that 1.2 million wedding invites were sent in the last 12 months. Wow. Sure, it's earth friendly. But also, I believe, a tad tacky, no? I wish there was a more acceptable alternative. What do you think?

** electronic invitation debate article here **

Olivia also had another short piece about the controversy of having an A, B, C and even D list for your guest list with some humorous examples of when that didn't work out so smoothly. Ouch.

** guest list hierarchy article here **

And finally, Olivia has a weekly Celeb Style video series where she visits a local boutique to interview the experts on how to match celebrity style for less. Bookmark this and tune in often! It's very fun!

So proud of you, Olivia, my rock star friend!


  1. A friend of mine had a business card in their invitation with an email address & telephone number to RSVP -I thought that was pretty cool!

  2. an email from Olivia this morning:

    Oh, my goodness, you SOOO busted me! I haven't told any of my friends or family... I'm pretty darn embarrassed about it, but, hey, it's getting easier (and I hope a little better... we've been doing it for, like, 16 weeks! : ) Hilarious...


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