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I hope you all had a fantastic 4th of July weekend! I photographed weddings on both Thursday and Saturday, so I actually found myself at the studio editing on the 4th with my doors open for the First Friday Art Walk.

And here's some of the other things we've been up to lately...

As many of you are wondering, J did not place in the Your Piece of Maine contest which initiated the taping of his marriage proposal at the end of May. He's bummed, and a bit offended, but we're both thrilled to be moving forward with our own wedding plans. We're very close to setting a date and I won't share much else except that it will be very small, some place warm, and during a time in the year when our schedules aren't busy photographing weddings in New England.

I went on my first camping trip! Friends Sam and Kyle, and their two dogs Nikon and Alder, were fantastic hosts and set us up with a pretty cushy experience near Rangeley, Maine. J, Destin, Dakota and I are already looking forward to going again (Dakota went for her first canoe ride with us, right, taken by Sam).

Looking for a place to vacation with your pooch in Maine? Check out this link or this link.

J and I took a pet first aid class. Sounds crazy, but it was quite informative and important. Contact your local Red Cross office to see if a similar class is offered in your area (check out those cute dummy dogs from class!). If not, I'd recommend picking up this book which includes an instructional DVD.

Next week is Roots Workshop, the photojournalism retreat I am hosting on Cape Cod. It has been an incredible amount of planning for the last 15 months, and I am very excited to see how everything finally unfolds. There are 14 terrific participants traveling from as far as Arizona, and even Canada, to attend! Check back for pictures of the week!

I hope you all are enjoying this most amazing time of the year and properly stuffing yourself silly with local strawberries, walking in the grass with your shoes off, and breathing in the sweet, salty air of the beautiful sea breezes.


  1. J was totally robbed in the contest. But he got the girl so all is well.
    So excited for Roots!!!

  2. J should have definitely won. It was a great video and not only very romantic but funny and clever too. But yes, he got the best prize anyway. Looking forward to the big studio gala opening.


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