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Portland Press Herald veteran photographer Doug Jones (he's been shooting for 30+ years) came to my studio yesterday morning to photograph me for John Rolfe's Shoptalk column which appears in today's paper. What an odd experience to be photographed for the newspaper. He walked in with a camera body and a wide angle lens (yes, I realize I look as wide as a cow. And what's with that tuft behind my right ear anyway?) and a flash on a monopod. He literally took 4 frames, and went on his way. I asked him if he had a lot of assignments that day, and he said things at the newspaper were painfully slow. I remember my newspaper days when I would spend as much time as necessary to meticulously get the perfect portrait, that both me and my subject were happy with (and would never pull out the wide angle lens!).

I digress... The article itself is quite fun and John did a decent job reporting everything I was rambling about (could there be any more run-on sentences?), with few errors (such as I don't have a wedding in South Africa, I had just received inquiry for one the morning of the interview. Fingers crossed, because that would be a great adventure!).

Click here to read the article in full.


  1. Anonymous1:59 PM

    Oh you are too cute! congrats on the article!

  2. how about a long lens, bud? Gheesh. Doesn't seem like he knew he was photographing a photographer. I would've been nervous to photograph you and therefore spent all morning coming up with good ideas. I used to shoot the business portraits, a lot, and I always had fun with them. I mean, putting thought into it after 30+ years might get hard....blah blah,

  3. I know, Cameron. And, on closer inspection, thank goodness I wore a brown bra because that's showing. Yikes! The paper has been without a photo editor for a while, and I think it's quite evident. :(

  4. Congrats on the article - ah the media business! gotta love it.

  5. Wow. You are such a cute person and that photo doesn't even look like you.

    Not Mr. Jones' best day I'd say.


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