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I am very lucky to be in regular contact with many of my childhood friends. Gillian, a dear friend who now lives in California, and her husband Brian recently came to visit her family in New England and I had the pleasure of photographing their adorable little boy Owen, on his first birthday!

It was raining when I first arrived to Gillian's father's place in Cushing, so we stayed inside for a bit.

Owen is too cute!

How sweet are those cheeks?

The weather cleared, and we headed outside to explore the beautiful yard. Doesn't he look proud?

With mommy and daddy.

Grandpa pulled out his tractor!

I stayed for the first ceremonial "Happy Birthday" song. Owen wasn't too sure.

Brian was sure to get it all on video.

What an exhausting afternoon!

Thanks so much for having me visit your father's farm, Gillian! You and Brian are great parents and it was so special to spend the afternoon with your adorable son! Let's make this a tradition!

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  1. Anonymous12:52 PM

    Emilie -
    We loved having you there to photograph Owen on his first birthday! Thank you for making the drive up. We loved catching up with you and the pictures are wonderful. Thanks, Gillian & Brian


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