Roots recap


Roots is over. :(

I am totally sleep deprived (4 hours each night), bug-bitten (how do bugs reach those hard-to-reach places anyway?), and sad... I have a lingering emptiness in my gut missing my new friends.

Organizing a workshop is much more work than I ever thought possible. And although it wasn't perfect (which is hard for me to accept, as I most definitely struggle with being a perfectionist! Is there a support group for me?!), it was definitely outstanding. I'll be posting highlights of the students' work here this week, but first, a few snapshots of the end of the week...

By late-night Wednesday evening, Greg was editing from the couch with his feet up, and appletini on the brain- literally.

Thursday was spent completing the final edits, picking music & assembling slideshows for later that night, writing captions & headlines for the newspaper layouts, and the general shock & awe that things were wrapping up!

Capt. Smith pulled up to our dock that afternoon to treat everyone to a leisurely river cocktail cruise. It was exactly what we all needed!

Eric, per usual, was very excited about this.

Tyler grabbed my camera for this image. Students, notice the cool repetition and balance? :)

Sam and Meredith share a laugh.

When we arrived back at the house, Jake's Bake was waiting for us!

Our chefs treated us to an amazing clambake. Aren't they so cute?!

And Wild Bill Corney provided some Buffett-style tunes.

The first course was chowder and clams.

Sam wasn't so sure.

Down the hatch!

Eric, per usual, was very excited about this (wait, have I said this before?!).

Stephen crammed in a little last minute editing.

Dear friend Jenn digging in.

Andrea, right, is Arnold's wife and 6 months pregnant with their second child. Her belly was too cute not to photograph. She's talking with Linda, who has to be one of the kindest people ever.

The next course was lobster, sweet corn, sausage (or tempeh and/or swordfish & veggie kabobs for me), potatoes and cole slaw. This was a first for many of the students.


After dinner, we set up for the slideshow presentations on the deck. Watching everyone's presentations under the stars was a surreal experience, made extra special by some of the students' subjects who came by to watch the show. One such person is Anne LeClaire, noted author and family friend. We took a quick picture with her husband to show my family (so here you go, Grandma! This is for you!).

I didn't take any photos during the slideshows, mostly because I was either a) talking, b) engrossed in watching or c) crying. Eric jumped up on the porch roof to capture this overall.

Thank you all SO much for working so hard and sharing of yourselves with us and this experience for the week. I am so proud of everyone and can't wait for next year (more on that soon...).


  1. Hey Em!

    I am signed on as Pam- but Tyler here.

    Missing you all sooooooo much. What a week. You did an amazing job with this! Thanks for letting me be a part of of it! It was an honor to be able to work so closely with such talented students and staff.

    Thanks for bringing us all together.


  2. Hey Ms. E!

    I am friends with James Bass and he showed me some of the work you guys accomplished last week.

    I am sooooo THERE if you are going to do this again! Please put me at the top of the list...on the list...near the list.



  3. What a great experience, at least from what I can tell of the photos! Em, I am sure it was sooo amazing and nothing's perfect (except of course your sweetness), but you always seem to get it as close as possible :)

    support team,


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