It's hard to believe it's actually here, but my Roots Workshop starts today! J and I are on our way to Cape Cod to greet everyone as they arrive for the week this afternoon at our workshop house. Check the blog for updates and photos throughout the week! It's going to be insanely busy, but hugely fun! I will return phone calls and emails whenever possible.


  1. Emilie, we can't wait to hear how it's all going and see daily ( hint hint, nudge nudge) updates on the haps...!

    Bigtime congratulations on this workshop. We know ( from J too) how much effort y'all have put into it, and we know how much your students will get out of it. You and your staff's experience in photojournalism is really amazing...! :)

    ! Brindis por vosotros!


  2. I am thinking great thoughts for you and everyone there. Have a wonderful time down there Em! Good Luck!



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