vendor tour: Beautiful Days


owner: Kate Martin
phone: 207.384.4703

Kate Martin is both a wedding coordinator and a flower designer. In addition to having an amazing creative eye, she's an all-around kind, warm, fun person who makes you feel like a friend the moment you meet her. Kate operates out of her fantastic South Berwick home (her husband is a very talented carpenter!), and more specifically for flower arranging: the garage.

It makes complete sense to arrange flowers in a garage to keep the flowers cool, even tho I know Kate isn't thrilled with the aesthetic look for this vendor tour!

When I visited Kate, she and her assistant Mimi were assembling mostly purple flowers for a wedding the next day.

Kate separates all of the flowers by type in these buckets.

She has a great workbench with all the necessary tools and ribbon, and shelves lined with various pots, vessels and candle holders.

Inside, Kate has an office for her coordination supplies and business general organization.

Kate and her sweet little boy, Wyatt!

Thanks for letting me take a peek at your workspace, Kate! It was such a treat to see you and explore the wide open spaces of South Berwick! See you at the opening!

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