* Lisa and Dan


venue: Sebasco Harbor Resort Sebasco Estates, ME
cake: European Bakery Falmouth, ME
florist: Rosemont Floral Portland, ME
photographer: Emilie

Lisa and Dan traveled from Annapolis to Maine for their first time to host an intimate 12 person ceremony on a Thursday evening. Rain threatened the entire afternoon, but thankfully did not start until we were comfortably seated inside for dinner.

I literally walked in to meet Lisa getting ready with her family and was pleasantly surprised (ok, shocked. I was shocked) to see her brother helping with her hair (and shoes, and train, etc). Very impressive!

Lisa, on the phone with her sweetie. Doesn't she look a bit like Kirsten Dunst?

Her sweetie, Dan.

Because of the weather forecast, and their small number of guests, Lisa and Dan were married atop the Lighthouse. We wanted to be sure to get a picture incorporating this now very significant building in a creative way. Thus began the smooching...

... and some more...

... and more. Too cute! I love how affectionate they were together.

Instead of a traditional reception, a most delicious dinner was enjoyed in the Pilot House Restaurant just next to the Lighthouse. Doesn't this picture have a Last Supper quality? Perhaps it's just the arched roof that is giving it a religious feel?

And I'll leave you with this, which was a wedding first for me. Apparently, the florist told Lisa that she wraps the flower stems of her bouquet in a condom to keep them moist, and then places tape and ribbon on top so as to hide this secret. Curious, Lisa unraveled her bouquet to reveal its truth and then left it on the table for some rather interesting dinner conversation.

Thank you, Lisa and Dan, for allowing me to witness such an important and sweet day in your lives. Your families were a lot of fun, and I am so grateful to have had the time to join you for that amazing dinner. I hope the rest of your inaugural trip to Maine was as memorable and I can't wait to hear about your meandering honeymoon around New England!

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    Great pictures, especially the last one! :)


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