vendor tour: Peter Miles


Those of you who attended my grand opening had the pleasure of listening to the very talented Peter Miles. Known to his friends only as Miles, he recently relocated to Portland from Vermont, and is taking the city by storm with his fresh, honest sound, performing at favorite local venues during the week (RiRa and Bull Feeney's, to name a few) and is available to perform your wedding music on the weekends! I highly recommend Peter as your ceremony and/or cocktail musician. And his band, The High Road, performs at wedding receptions throughout New England.

Miles website: here.
Miles performance schedule on MySpace: here.
Order his new CD: Live, Life, Live here.
And, a few pictures from a recent stroll around the Old Port:


  1. Peter was amazing! Honestly, I thought he sounded better than a lot of the acts he covered. A great vendor to spotlight for sure!

  2. Peter is terrific at making the music environment comfortable. He would make a great addition to any music scene!


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