* Edith and Brian


venue: Snowvillage Inn Snowville, NH
florist: Flower Drumm Conway, NH
invitations: Turnstone Design
cake: Celia Cakes Arlington, MA
photographer: Emilie

Edith and Brian were planning a backyard wedding that somehow grew into a more formal affair with tuxes and toasts as Edith discovered a passion for wedding planning. They stumbled upon the Snowvillage Inn as the perfect spot nestled among the mountains of New Hampshire for a formally casual event.

Edith awaiting her make-up application in one of the inn's lovely rooms.

Meanwhile, outside, it went from a gloriously sunny day to this! That's hail! In August! Wow! The temperature dropped to 60 degrees and the outside ceremony was moved onto the covered porch.

Brian dressed in his parent's room and I couldn't help but chuckle when I saw his mother's book on the nightstand. It's a murder mystery!

Edith's gift to Brian.

While Edith was reciting her vows, Brian jumped in and finished her "I do!" for her!

Married. Love Edith's bright orange flower in her hair. And what a unique little bouquet.

Doesn't Brian's father look like W? I did a double-take when I first saw him! I will actually be photographing the real president at an event in two weeks. No matter what his politics, I do miss traveling in those circles from DC.

Truly, such an odd scene for summer.

This cake traveled from Massachusetts for special reason- it's gluten free! It became a little lop-sided during the drive, but a little shim (peeking out from under the napkin) was a quick fix. I was surprised how fantastic it tasted!

When Edith described her favorite image of her with Brian, she mentioned a photo where Brian is looking into the camera and she is looking down. I'm not sure if she was mimicking that here on purpose or if by accident, but it's such sweet image.

Congratulations, Edith and Brian! I hope your insanely busy summers are coming to a close and you can find some time to sneak away and enjoy your newly married status! It was a pleasure meeting you and spending time with your warm families.


  1. Anonymous7:46 PM

    i adore her necklace and bouquet...that is too cute! And goodness that hail!

  2. totally looks like W!!!

  3. Anonymous2:20 PM

    Wow, are you sure that that's not President Bush? LOL These photos are amazing. I love her dress.

  4. Belated congratulations, Edith! You look beautiful. I remember that day well -- the weather really served up something memorable for your occasion! You have very distinctive wedding pictures as a result.


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