breast cancer awareness month


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a cause that emilie inc. photography supports wholeheartedly. I donate a percentage of my wedding day creative fee profits to breast cancer research in my Pink Initiative program (watch the blog for updates on this later this month).

To mark the first day of this important month, I treated 9 girlfriends to a table at the Maine Cancer Foundation and Cure Breast Cancer for ME's annual breast cancer luncheon in Portland. There were touching tributes, tears, and lots of hope at the sold-out lunch.

L to R, top row: Cindy Gotts, Kelsie Knight, Samantha DePoy Warren, Tamika Donohue, Christina Wnek, Cyndi Smith, MaryAnn Malloy, me
L to R, bottom row: Meredith Purdue and Beth Fitzgerald

This is also the first day of their month-long online auction. I have donated a child's portrait session to the auction ($350 value). If you would like to bid, follow this link! And thank you so much for your support.


  1. Thank you for inviting me it was fun and moving. You are a good friend,

  2. Anonymous10:21 AM

    Em, The lunch was so moving! It was a great opportunity to reflect. The best part for me was during the survivors' videos -- when you passed around the roll of toilet paper so we could all dry the tears! (Did you really have that ready in your bag! So funny!)

    As business owners, it is so important that we give back. Em, you are fabulous at this! Thanks for hosting all of us. :) Beth

  3. A truly moving event and a good reminder to be so very grateful for all of life's blessings (something we all need to be reminded of constantly). We are all impacted by cancer in ways we know and those we do not, and I think the message of the day was to not wait until cancer comes to you to live life to the fullest and do those things on that pie-in-the-sky to-do list we all have in our dreams.

    I am so proud of your commitment to the cure. Thank you as always!


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