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Many of you are lucky enough to know, have heard of or have worked with Kate Parker, of Kate Parker Weddings and Kate Parker Flowers in Somersworth, NH. Kate and her husband Ryan (who is also a dj, DJ Ryan Parker) are expecting their first child (beloved chihuahua Lola may beg to differ that she's their first).

Kate and Ryan will be coming to St. John for our wedding in April and so recently after our first planning meeting we took a few pregnancy photos of Kate. You wouldn't know Kate is just two weeks away from her due date. She looks amazing and has only gained something like 22 lbs. Wow!

They both expressed how much they don't like being photographed. So I suggested we do more activity-based "vignette" photographs. We started by baking some cookies. I won't show the step-by-step progression, but here are a few favorites. Note that Kate's business colors are blue and brown, as is her bakeware. :)

Without seeing their faces, you can see here that Kate is questioning Ryan's cookie-scooping strategy.

Ryan sneaks some of the cookie dough batter.

While waiting for the cookies to bake, Ryan is elbow-deep cleaning the microwave oven (he's very much a neat freak. I was very impressed!).

This is one of my favorites of the afternoon... Ryan is on the floor checking on the cookies, while another "bun in the oven" stands by.


Kate relaxes on the couch with Lola, while Ryan squeezes in a little pool.

We then head upstairs.

Kate and Ryan get snuggly on the bed for some belly shots.

And go even further to mimic their morning routine with Lola. Love this!

I'll be back to photograph little Zachary in his nursery when he arrives, but check out this beautiful logo they designed for his sea-inspired nursery wall.

At Ryan's request, we also took a few semi-nudes of Kate (with strategically-draped fabric) that turned out beautifully. For privacy's sake, I won't be posting them on the blog but it is worth mentioning because I don't often take pregnancy photos. Kate and I had fun experimenting with it and I am so proud of her for being so brave!

I cannot wait to meet little Zachary! And for those blog readers curious about Kate Parker Weddings, I'll be sure to take a few photos on a workday at the office for a vendor tour soon.

Good luck, Kate, Ryan and Lola!


  1. Anonymous5:30 PM

    So cute! I love how serene and calm they both look.

  2. my favorite is the close-up of Lola, of course!

  3. Great shots, Emilie! I loved my pregnancy photo session and I highly recommend it to other moms-to-be. It's a special time in a woman's life and so nice to have beautiful photos for posterity, as you've done for Kate.
    Hope you get a chance to do more - wonderful session!! All good wishes to the new family!

  4. Emilie,
    Wow! That's all I can say.
    I LOVE this session ... what a fabulous couple and you captured them wonderfully. Truly inspiring.


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