mid-October push


It's that time of year when the leaves are brilliant and the air is crisp in Maine. The weather signals a new season is just around the corner and that, wow, my fifth wedding season is quickly coming to a close.

I have a backlog of five weeks of weddings to post, I realize (and know you do, too!), and have just two more weddings left to photograph before the off-season officially begins (and perhaps the return a routine's night's rest? I'm blogging at 1a!).

Given this hectic last few weeks, however, I'm happy to report that my couples are still receiving their images from their wedding within a week or at least by the time they return from their honeymoon. So, sadly, it's my blog readers who have been left waiting (patiently, thank you!) to see what fun weddings I have been to lately.

I never thought I'd get so busy that my blog would have to take a back-seat, but to recap, for good measure:

In the last year I have opened a studio, taken on three associates (and am currently hiring again, this time also branching out to include my own video journalist to work in a complementary style to my photojournalism), hosted a week long workshop, started a national directory of wedding photojournalists, criss-crossed the country to attend lectures and teach at workshops, and oh yes, got engaged myself! Whirlwind!

Among all that craziness I am still balancing the roles as founder, CEO, COO, editor, receptionist, travel agent, etc., and now a bride-to-be. I'm not sure how I managed to keep all those balls in the air, but I did, all while jumping from photographing 25 weddings in 2007 to 43 in 2008. That's one year of enormous growth!

Hang tight... I, too, am looking forward to a little extra breathing room and cannot wait to get back online (ironically, my Bloglines subscription roll disappeared about a month ago- odd- so I have been out of touch with all of your blogs as well! Thinking I'll try Google reader instead?).

Happy Fall!


  1. You are AMAZING (and maybe a tidbit crazy too)! So proud of all you've accomplished this year!

  2. What a year! Glad you took cleaning crew off of that list :) Looking forward to some sleep myself and having some time in St. John with my gorgeous fiance! After speaking in NY, PPE, webinar, podcast and oh...a couple more weddings :) ly


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