Vendor tour: Sea Bags


owners: Hannah Kubiak & Beth Shissler
address: 24 Custom House Wharf, Portland
phone number: 888.210.4244

If you haven't heard of Sea Bags yet, you soon will. Word is catching on globally about this innovative bag made from recycled sails whose company headquarters is right in Portland's Old Port. All are durable, water-resistant and washing-machine friendly. In the spirit of breast cancer awareness month and their fantastic Cure Bag, I spent the morning at their Custom House Wharf shop. Getting married on the coast and looking for a unique bridesmaid gift? I think I've found it!

50% of the profit of the special edition Cure Bag goes to the Maine Cancer Foundation. They have already sold more than 400 this year!

The company was started in 1991 and it has been at the Custom House Wharf location (across from the Porthole and the Comedy Connection) for about a year.

The sky blue storefront is nestled among old fishing offices on the active wharf.

After the sails have been collected from around the world, the transformation process begins upstairs where they are cut to size.

The number of bags per sail depends on the size of each bag. They come in small, medium and large.

Once cut, they are stacked in the sewing room.

Each bag is fitted with a design.

And then the seamstresses stitch the edging and sew the rope handles into place.

Each bag is stamped for authenticity.

Each bag has rope handles that are hand spliced in the shop.

And each comes with a tag, also made of used sail.

Once completed, the bags are separated by size and boxed for shipping.

The shop is a bustle of activity with the construction of the bags, sales, shipping and frequent meetings. Co-owner Hannah is on the right.

Co-owner Beth is on the right.

Sea Bags has received some amazing press, most recently distributing their Cure Bag to audience members at the Martha Stewart Show.

The small bags are perfect for bridesmaids gifts and can be completely customizable with a design, name, color or number (order 5 or more, and receive 10% off!).

What a great morning! Thank you so much, Hannah and Beth, for inviting me into your shop. I loved it! And will be placing an order (or two) soon!


  1. These are great and such a piece of Maine! The shop looks like a terrific place to work and fun to see the images for a vendor tour!

  2. Oh my heavens!! I didnt know that was so close to you! Ive been stalking this product forever... love Love LOVE them! :)


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