I grew up in a house where politics was not discussed. With several family members in the military, it was out of respect that I never questioned and instead trusted. Then, with a career in journalism, I wasn't allowed to voice my opinion publicly so as to maintain a neutral presence. Likewise, I have not previously used this blog as a platform to detail my feelings on this election and certainly do not want my affiliation to be associated with my business.

However, with the election safely behind us now, I feel I must acknowledge how much I am feeling the enormity of yesterday. What a day!

I loved that J hopped out of bed at 6:30a to go vote, something I only usually see him do on a powder day.

With jealous journalism twinges, I watched the coverage on television last night with great anticipation (and nervous laughter, if tuning in to Comedy Central). I missed being at the front lines of that excitement as I did on election night in 2000 at USA Today. Photographing the campaign trail was the highlight of my time there, and I once aspired to be a presidential photographer.

I am proud of both men, and feel that both McCain and Obama worked tirelessly throughout the campaign and delivered beautifully poised speeches last night. I think it's going to be an absolute treat to watch those little girls grow up in the White House (with their promised puppy), and will support our new president in the days ahead.

But above all, I am so proud of our country today. I was an African American studies minor in college and hoped I would witness this in my lifetime. I cannot wait to tell our grandchildren of where we were on such an historic evening. Anything is possible.



  1. Anonymous8:23 AM

    Emilie, such a beautiful entry!! He excites a crowd with such calmness. It was truly historic! We will all remember where we were on the evening of November 4, 2008!! Barbara

  2. I hope they get a lab mix...and call it Hope :)


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