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Back in July, filmmaker Sharyn Paul Brusie and her husband Kevin interviewed several of my clients for the video testimonials that appear on my website.

Sometimes it is not possible to meet clients before they book with me if they are planning from afar. So, to give those prospective clients a glimpse at who I am, we also made a short film that includes footage of the studio, me on the job, and a personal interview. It is now on the website under the information tab, labeled "the experience."

And boy, what an experience it was! Once those lights went on and the camera was rolling I completely clammed up! Really! I can typically talk to anyone with ease about my business and how much I love what I do. But for some reason, I was soooo uncomfortable! I felt almost naked. I wanted to crawl under my chair! Cry! Walk away! But I didn't. I hung in there and tried not to overthink the questions Sharyn was asking of me. She did an amazing job editing those parts of our interview where I don't look nervous- tho she did manage to squeeze in a few that I'm quite mortified of. Sharyn says what I'd call "dorkiness" comes across as "endearing." Uh-huh. You be the judge.

To further explain my level of nervousness, I said that I flew on Air Force One. Everyone who knows me knows that I flew on Air Force Two when I was working at USA Today! How did Air Force One come out of my mouth anyway? I had no idea I said it until reviewing the final film. So, there should be a little * on that part of the film with a link to this graph in my blog post. Very strange.

Anyway, without further delay take a peek and let me know what you think! Please be gentle. :)


  1. emilie that's amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You are so dang cool, I can't stand it. here's what I think :: you need to have a 'emilie does maine' series and talk all about how amazing maine is and why EVERYONE should be having their destination weddings here :]

    I'm so excited for you. Your personality shines so brightly through your imagery and it is just complimented so beautifully through this video. I love it love it love it!!!!

    congrats on something truly amazing.


  2. i think it's really cute.

  3. I love it :)

    :e: has a really good idea there!

  4. Anonymous1:22 AM

    Hi. Great video. . . very genuine.

  5. Anonymous11:41 AM

    Emilie, I think Eric said it all! Beautiful work! Watch out you just may have a new career in broadcasting ahead! xx Barbara

  6. Congratulations on finishing what I'm sure was a big undertaking - all the videos look great and are really well done. Too funny about Air Force One :)

  7. Endearing for sure! Your work sells itself and your sweetness that comes across in this video and in your everyday interactions is yummy icing on the cupcake!

  8. Anonymous10:40 PM

    I love your video, and loved the way you captured my daughter Shandi's wedding in D.C. You are truly a compassionate and amazing photographer...I just wish you lived closer to Oregon, as my youngest Keri Stracke is getting married Oct. 17th 2009

    Thank you again,
    Debi Stracke


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