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If you are a business owner in the wedding industry and have a web presence, it is so important to have a picture of yourself and a bio on your site. Not only does it give your online business storefront a face, but potential clients (especially women) are more inclined to book with those that they feel they can relate. Give clients a peek into your life, and be sure to include some non-business snippets as well (a blog, Twitter and Facebook accounts can do this well, too).

Judy Wilbur Bourgeois, owner of Flora Fauna floral and event design in North Yarmouth recently stopped by the studio for a quick headshot to add to her site and blog. Afraid of having her picture taken, I assured her it would be a quick and painless process. Fifteen minutes in, chatting as if there wasn't the obvious elephant in the room (the camera up to my face) and a bit more relaxed from when she first arrived, we made this beautiful portrait of her. If you know Judy, I feel this image perfectly captures her personality. And if you don't know Judy, it makes you want to! Voila! Exactly what we were after!


  1. awesome!!!! you're the queen :] I know that getting a shot like that is no easy task...

    keep the kettle on, I'm on my way up there as soon as I get out of this city...


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