published: Boys' Life Magazine


Last February I photographed the boys of Troop 007 from Lewiston as they learned the sport of curling at the Belfast Curling Club for Boys' Life Magazine. J, an Eagle scout, came along as well and also took some video to capture the steps of how to play (the video is not up yet, but will be here soon).

Not only was the slippery ice a challenge for photographing, but the below-freezing temperature made operating our cameras incredibly difficult. Nearly a year later, the story is in the magazine's December issue and the memory of that painfully cold day is forgotten. What a fun layout!

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  1. Anonymous11:48 AM

    Emilie, What a great opportunity for both of you even if the weather was soooo cold! Just last week we were looking through old albums and saw pics of Jason on a scouting trip at Dan Beard Council. Barbara


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