reaching out


When I first got into wedding photography, it was the kindness of already-established photographers who gave me the footing I needed to get started. I was surprised when I moved to Maine that a similar open exchange did not seem to readily exist among wedding photographers. Typical New Englanders, folks kept their cards close. Smart in theory, I suppose, but I have always enjoyed the benefits of giving back in the same manner that I was given just five short years ago.

It was with that spirit that I have organized a group of women wedding photographers in southern Maine who gather twice a year for lunch- at the beginning and at the end of wedding season. Our group was about a dozen when it started just one and a half years ago, and now has grown to more than 40. It's hard to imagine such a pool of talent in such a small area! We all look forward to our gatherings even if, from the outside, it seems odd that we want to get together with our competition. Networking truly strengthens our industry as a whole as we all strive to learn and grow.

Today, we had our fall gathering at the Falmouth Sea Grill. There were some new faces in our group, and we missed some of the regulars who were not able to make it. With last night's exciting election fresh on our minds, it was fun to have that to discuss in addition to weddings! Tho at different price points and skill levels and of varying backgrounds, we all love what we do and I truly appreciate everyone carving out the time to come and share a bit of themselves. I have a tremendous amount of respect for each and every woman business owner.

Enjoy the off-season, ladies!


  1. Thanks for organizing, Em. It's such a fantastic group of women working here in Maine in our industry. I've never met a sweeter, more welcoming group than Maine's women wedding photographers. And talented to boot!


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