* Sharon and Josh


ceremony: North Church Portsmouth, NH
reception: New Hampshire Seacoast Science Center Rye, NH
tent: Marshall Tent Rental Portsmouth, NH
dress: Madeleine's Daughter Portsmouth, NH
hair: Portsmouth Spa Portsmouth, NH
make-up: Making Faces Portsmouth, NH
cake: Jacques Pastries Suncook, NH
flowers: Flower Kiosk Portsmouth, NH
limo: Regal Limo North Hampton, NH
jazz trio: Dan Loschen Allstar Entertainment
dj: TJ Welch Allstar Entertainment

Sharon and Josh were fortunate to find each other thanks to the matchmaking skills of a mutual friend. I often wonder when I hear these blind date stories how couples adequately thank the person who has made such a significant impact on the course of their lives. I'd be inclined to name my first born after this angel in disguise!

On to the photos as there are a lot of them!

Sharon got dressed at her future in-law's beautiful home. This clean, brightly lit room is exactly the sort of room I love to photograph the preparations.

The boys stopped by the house on their way to the church for a few last minute touches.

When it came time for dressing Sharon, everyone struggled with the buttons. Not worried about my nails, I volunteered to help out and Sharon's sister snagged my camera. Ha!

Time for the veil.

I know a lot of brides roll their eyes at the idea of having their hands photographed, equating it with the cheesy 1980s wedding photography of a couple's intertwined hands with rings hovering over a bouquet. When I am 87, I think I'd like to remember what my youthful hands looked like when I was 30. Therefore, I do include a few hand/bouquet/ring photos albeit a bit more modern.

Go time!

I absolutely LOVE this photo... the anticipation on Sharon's face and the minister waiting for her at the door.

Josh spies his bride for the first time.

The interior of the North Church is cozy at the altar, allowing for an intimate ceremony.

Given the rain, we opted for a few post-ceremony non-traditional portraits in the balcony.

I'm always so impressed how brides maneuver in and out of limos with their poofy skirts and long veils.

So this is the scene when we pulled up at the reception. The rain was coming down so hard that it was hard to even notice we were just next to the water's edge.

The good folks at Marshall Rental put up a tented walkway to lead guests into the Seacoast Science Center to use the facilities. It was still quite wet, as you can see, and by evening's end- a slippery mudbath too!

Inside the tent was worse... the caterer eventually reconfigured the tables onto the dance floor to avoid a lake that formed on one end of the tent.

Despite the monsoon, everyone's spirits were up and the champagne was flowing!

Sharon and Josh's wedding provided a first for me: I got food poisoning! And I believe this swordfish was the culprit. With frequent trips to the bathroom (TMI?) I made it to our agreed end time, but wasn't so lucky on the drive home. I had to pull over on the side of Rt 95 in the rain and toss my cookies out the door. Ick! But I was better by morning. That said, no one else got sick, so I don't want to dissuade anyone from using this caterer. I really enjoyed their food while I was eating it!

The yummy cake from Jacques.

There was lots of fun dancing, everyone being careful not to slip on the super slick dance floor.

I always love dj negotiations.

It was quickly obvious to me early on that outside portraits were just not possible on the day of their wedding. I offered to come back another day so that we could take advantage of the beautiful backdrop. Although bitterly cold, Sharon and Josh snuggled together for a record fast portrait session!

The tent was down, but that didn't stop Sharon and Josh from reenacting their first dance dip!

Forget braving the blustery wind in a strapless dress, I was downright amazed when Sharon was up for climbing on the rocks in her heels!

Wow! Many congratulations, Sharon and Josh! Thanks so much for sharing your can-do spirit with all of us! I will never forget your wedding (in a good way!), and look forward to staying in touch. Please give hugs to your fantastic families for me!

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  1. Anonymous11:00 PM

    OMG That is an awful story about the food at that wedding!!! I hope the bride was ok with you publishing that for all to see=( With the rain among other things making the wedding not perfect..it was tough to read you got sick. I hope you were o.k!!!!


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