If you have been following my updates on Twitter (that little update box in the left column) or my status on Facebook, you know that this is Week 3 of WWL (my self-named Wedding Weight Loss program)! With just five months until our wedding and the somewhat less-busy days of the off-season, getting in shape for our beach wedding has recently gotten bumped up my priority list!

Like many others, my weight tends to creep up and down depending on life events. Stress, sadness, busy schedules and major change = gain. Less stress, happiness, relaxed schedules and even activity pattern = loss. It drives me nutty, but I'm working hard to maintain a bit more balance.

The short-term goal: Get back into a regular exercise routine, lose 5-7 lbs before starting wedding dress shopping at the end of December.
The long-term (April 25, 2009) goal: Have more overall energy, lose 10-15 lbs total.

I've resumed my twice weekly workouts with my personal trainers, Cindy and Dan, at Body of Work in South Portland, after two months off. I started working out there three years ago and the trainers have become good friends, and a place I look forward to visiting (it's the sore bit the following day that isn't so much fun!).

I tried Zumba during Week 1, hoping that might be the missing cardio piece I dread (there's nothing worse than that gerbil-on-a-wheel feeling on the elliptical at our house or treadmill at the gym). Zumba is a very smart distraction from the usual workout. With fun Caribbean music and dance routines designed to make you "shake it," it's calorie burning in disguise. Brilliant. Altho fun, it wasn't exactly a hard enough workout for my taste. It felt like I was on a cruise to Mexico without the margaritas. I shared this with the instructor to which she replied, funny enough, that the class goes to Margarita's on Thursdays after class! If I dedicate an hour to exercise a day, I'd rather feel flattened at the end.

Next, I tested out a 90-minute "hot" vinyasa yoga class at Portland Power Yoga. Holy cow! I had heard stories of this practice, but nothing could have prepared me for such an intense workout in 95-degree heat inches apart from 50 other people! I went with my best friend Kara and met client-turned-dear friend Kelsie, and we set up in the back row (there are no mirrors and the instructor roams so we were on our own to watch those around us to pick up the poses). There were moments I thought I was going to pass out and moments where I was amazed and proud at us and other moments where I was regretting the red wine we drank the night before (and I know Kara and those around us were regretting the garlic Kara had in her dinner! Tee-hee) as it dripped from our pores. I've never sweat like that in my life! I took a peek in the mirror after class and I looked as tho I had just stepped out of the shower! What a wild experience. I went back in Week 2, and hope to keep up with it. It's different and challenging, and easy to see quick results. Excellent.

My excitement for hot yoga may need to be put on hold for a bit- 6 weeks to be exact- because a major change is about to happen tomorrow. I am starting boot camp! Yes, me! At 5:30a! I am a) not a morning person and b) not a cold weather person (ironic, I know, as I live in Maine). So this should be interesting. My designer Christina has been going and really enjoys it so I (thankfully) won't be alone. I'm eager to try something (insanely?!) different to jump-start my weight loss so I've signed up to go three days a week, ending just before Christmas. I'm absolutely terrified, to be honest. Watch Twitter to see how it goes! Wish me luck!


  1. Try indoor cycling... usually called spinning. I teach it. I've had many brides use it to lose weight. Losing weight is mostly moving more, eating less and making solid choices with both. One other thing to really take to heart is that your body will plateau if you do the same exercise all the time... we are efficient machines (and paradoxically creatures of habit)...so mix it up EVERY week. Try to do three or four different activities: walking, biking, swimming, weight lifting, yoga, stadiums, boot camp each week. Also people don't work out LONG enough. Try to make each cardio session 60 minutes (AT LEAST). 20 minutes is better than nothing but it's not going to help you lose weight. A 20 minute work-out is for folks MAINTAINING their weight who already move a lot and eat healthy. One last tip.. DO NOT give up and work hard EACH week. If possible keep a food log. You will not want to write down that oreo (much less 5) Give any weight loss program 4-6 months to work... anything short of that and it won't stay off long term. Try not to focus on actual weight but rather measure yourself in key areas... those are my tips to my spinning students.. hope it helps. GO GO GO! You can do it.

  2. Thanks, Cameron, for sharing lots of good advice! I do keep a food log and generally eat really well. I'm a vegetarian, so getting enough protein seems to be my biggest challenge. Weight training 2x/week with my trainers, and now bootcamp which adds more weight training as well as cardio should be a great combo. Unfortunately I can't do spinning (bad knees), tho I'd love to! Thanks for your encouragement!

  3. So proud of you sweets! Can't believe your were out the door today at 5 am!!

  4. wait??? Spinning is non impact...shouldn't hurt your knees...? humm, weird. In fact it's recommended by doctors of recovering knee surgery patients... but proper bike set up is SUPER SUPER critical.

  5. OMG, if anyone can do it you can and I know Mark got totally addicted!! Good for you and have fun :)

  6. Anonymous10:16 AM

    BTW, she's not lying about the hot yoga -- I STUNK!
    Em, so proud of you for getting up for boot camp. There's no way I could do it.


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