marathon Tuesday


I don't often detail my every activity of the day on the blog (thank you, Twitter) but today was an unusually jam-packed day that deserves its very own blog post.

Ready, set...

So my alarm went off at 5a for bootcamp, something that I have surprisingly grown to look forward to (the workouts, not the early wake-up call).

After camp and as the sun was rising, I was back home cleaning the house for a cleaning company to come. The irony, I know. Do you have your house cleaned? It's a luxury I never thought necessary, but this particular company- Green Clean Maine (they use only earth-friendly cleaning solutions)- has been cleaning my studio and I thought it would be a treat to give our house a good scrubbing, too. A treat indeed! I don't think the house has sparkled like this since I moved in almost four years ago!

I was at the studio by 8:30a doing the usual flurry of things (answering emails, phone calls, editing, blogging, etc) which today also included a quick product shoot and a mile-long walk with Dakota. My dear designer Christina dropped by late morning with a proof of something we're putting together to be printed.

And then I scooted home after lunch to lead a webinar for liveBooks with J on branding your business (an off-shoot of the presentation from September's PartnerCon in LA and the podcast we taped last night for Pictage). It was a fun hour of us chatting, and dialed in photographers listening. They asked questions via a typed chat format at the end (it will be posted online soon, and I'll be sure to provide you with the link if you want to check it out).

Now we're at about 4p. I zipped over to the Apple store at the mall because my iPhone was taking very odd green tv static-like images. A quick trip to the Genius Bar and I was walking out with a brand new phone (thank you, Apple Care). I also popped in to the Pottery Barn to take a few pictures of something I will be posting about on the blog next week.

Later, we met the emilie inc. associates team at Flatbread for dinner. It was our first chance for the newly formed team to gather and meet one another. What fun!

L to R: J, me, Christina, Whitney and Morgan.

Christina comes to us from William Arthur and has taken over all design needs for emilie inc. including the designing of album orders. Working with emilie inc. since July, Christina has already become an invaluable asset and I hope you all have the opportunity to have her create a gorgeous custom album design!

Whitney has a degree in photojournalism from Boston University and is currently working at Aurora Photos in Portland. She has a beautiful journalism portfolio and we're lucky to have her join emilie inc., as an associate photographer for 2009!

Morgan brings a whole new element to the company: video! Combining video, sound and still photographs, Morgan is available as an upgrade to all emilie inc. wedding photography packages. He will produce a 7-10 minute multi-media documentation of your day. At long last, no more cheesy wedding films!

I'm home now, in our citrus fresh scented home, and I'm ready to crash as tomorrow promises to be another crazy day. It's track day at boot camp (ouch!) and we're leading the Pictage Ask & Learn at 7p (EST) online.

Sweet dreams!


  1. rockstar indeed. holy smokes, em. you're just tearing it up over there. love it!

  2. I totally understand cleaning the house before the cleaning people get there. Kyle and I are guilty of that irony as well. Great job on the webinar- very informative.

  3. Nice Free Range Chicken in our pic...

  4. Anonymous7:08 PM

    Hey Em, I am exhausted just reading your post!!! The only thing better then a manicure and pedicure is having someone else clean your house!! Great picture - you two look wonderful! Barbara


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