little emilie


Just before college graduation in the spring of 2000, I was interviewed for a promotional video at Syracuse University for the Newhouse School of Communications. That fall, I was asked to submit some photos from my early career in DC to accompany my interview. I received another email just this week, nearly 9 years later, asking for more updated images as the current images from the 2000 election are clearly outdated now.

I still hadn't seen this mysterious video... until now.

Turns out, it's now on the Syracuse University website. Along with Newhouse alums Marv Albert, Bob Costas and Ted Koppel, I have a soundbite early in the video and my personal interview is at minute 9:12. I can't believe how young I am!

To view this gem click here. Scroll down to the section of Schools and Colleges, you will see the Newhouse video link.


  1. Em my love... you are so cute!

  2. yay! you're famouser!

    rock on, lady :]



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