* Baby Zachary


Adorableness alert!

I had such fun visiting with Kate and Ryan Parker (of Kate Parker Weddings and DJ Ryan Parker) again this week. Now three months old, I cannot believe how much little Zachary has changed since I photographed him at just 3 weeks!

It's fascinating for me to watch my friends with their own children. Kate is not the same person I saw three months ago. She's really fallen into her stride as mommy.

Little Z hangs onto her. They are so adorable (this word may be used repeatedly in this post) together.

Me? I received a lot of curious looks.

He is definitely curious about all of his surroundings.

Daddy is smitten too.

And we can't forget Miss Lola. She has such attitude for a little thing, doesn't she?

Kate thought it would be fun for me to capture "a first"... Zachary petting the dog. Lola wasn't too sure.

No babies were harmed in the taking of this photo. This looks ferocious, but she's really just yawning. :)

Eventually, there were puppy kisses (another first!).

And before a wedding planning meeting (picked flowers! ordered linens! Yay!), we took a few new headshots for Kate.

And one more of the little guy, for good measure. Love the hair.

View Kate's maternity session here.
View Zachary's 3 week shoot here.
Coming up, our wedding and then Zachary's 6 months!

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