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After our exciting raffle announcement last night and a few hours of shut-eye, our bags are packed and we're on our way to the airport for a busy few days in Vegas!! If, perhaps, you got engaged on Valentine's Day (congratulations!) and you want to reach me, I will definitely be checking voicemail and email. Otherwise, the schedule below outlines where I'll be when, for the most part, until Thursday. Have a great week!!

Sun: 2/15
12 noon arrival
6p WPPI welcome reception & mock wedding, MGM 3rd Floor ballroom
9p J's Wedding Poker Stars tournament, Rio Hotel poker room
10p Sara France's party, Luxor Hotel (invite only)

Mon: 2/16
4-6p Meet the Speakers, MGM conference center 3rd Floor reception area
9p Roots Workshop GTG, MGM West Wing Bar (invite only)
10p Nikon's Big Night- Blues Traveler, MGM Grand Arena
11:30p [B]ecker's party, Paris (invite only)

Tues: 2/17
8a theKnot breakfast, New York New York (invite only)
9a Exhibitor breakfast, MGM Studio B (invite only)
1:30p ThirstRelief auction winner mentoring session
10p Pictage party, MGM Studio 54
11p Photo Lovecat Party

Wed: 2/18
11a Master class, MGM conference center 2nd Floor

Thurs: 2/19
7a departure

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  1. Anonymous9:15 PM

    Wow, that is such a flattering picture of me! :)

    Thank you for the time you spent with me. I am really excited to implement some new pricing strategies into my business, with your advice. It's a little scary, but I think it will also be so much less of a headache. You were fun to be with and so kind to share. Thanks again, Emilie.


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