WPPI preparation


Next Wednesday, I'll be leading a master class on branding to 40 photographers at WPPI in Las Vegas. As I have been working on my presentation, I seem to notice examples of branding everywhere- including my mailbox!

I was so impressed when the (new! seamless!) Spanx I ordered for my wedding dress arrived in the mail in perfectly branded packaging! Another affirmation that the woman behind this household product, Sarah Blakely, is genius.

Last week I sent an email to all of my master class students, asking one simple question: "why did you sign up for my class?" I received wonderful, thoughtful replies which have helped to narrow the focus of what I will discuss. Below are a few snippets from just a few of the emails:

"To build my brand...duh! :) I've only being doing this for about a 1 1/2 years and I'm looking to conquer my city! I want to set myself apart from other photographers in the area. There are plenty of us but also plenty of clients to go around. I need to figure out how to draw clients to me!"

"I checked out the master class speakers websites and LOVED yours. After reading your blurb on 'Importance of Building an Enviable Brand' I was even more interested. I have been struggling for YEARS trying to get my brand DIALED in. I want there to be a fluid transition between EVERYTHING. I know how important branding is, so I really hope that I can get some good, simple ideas from your class. I am WAY looking forward to your class!"

"My business partner and I had been looking at lots of sites but had not seen visual identity carried through and through in such a lovely and consistent way. You’ve done a beautiful job. What we love most: that the look of your brand doesn’t seem at all forced. It’s simple, clean and elegant. Now when we think of beautiful iconic branding in our industry that we admire, we think of you first!"

Very excited for this class!

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