wedding prep plan Part 1: eating


In the last six years of photographing weddings I have heard many brides exclaim how they have never taken such good care of their bodies compared to the months leading up to their wedding. A lot of you have commented on my Twitter and Facebook updates about the fitness and beauty regimen I have been following to get myself feeling my best to walk down the aisle. And so, I wanted to share with you my plan in more detail with the hopes of inspiring your own goals.

Part 2 (exercise), Part 3 (beauty) and Part 4 (balance) to come!

As an adult, my weight seems to go up and down in two year cycles, typically around major life events. When it comes to food, I've always loved the social aspect of it- classic brunches with visiting company, lunch dates with business colleagues, wine & cheese nights with girlfriends. It honestly wasn't until I started working out twice a week with a personal trainer four years ago that I truly learned how food fuels our bodies and to be more responsible for each bite I take. My trainer Cindy Gotts at Body of Work in South Portland taught me to ask myself "How will this make me feel when I'm done?" before eating every thing. Will I feel satisfied? Guilty? It's all about making smart food choices.

When trying to trim down in the past I have had the best success when I've kept a food journal. Having to write everything down is a very powerful accountability tool. Do I really want to eat those tortilla chips (even tho nachos are my favorite food ever!) and have to write them down in my journal?

I usually start a food journal with fantastic discipline, but it's just not practical for me to carry around an actual notebook throughout the day. The next best step for me was joining a program like Weight Watchers or the Biggest Loser Club which both have food tracking programs online. I chose Weight Watchers (3 months for $60). Instead of carrying around a clumsy notebook, I am using's mobile iPhone program to track what I eat throughout the day using their Points-based Momentum Plan (Every 50 calories is a single Point, 12 fat grams is a single Point, and for each fiber gram you take away 1/5th of a Point, up to a maximum of 4 fiber grams. The final Points value will be the total points rounded to the nearest whole number.).

And when I am at home with my laptop or at the studio I can logon to the website and add my meals (and exercise), too.

The website (which I find to be a bit confusing in general) also includes a weight tracker, message boards, inspirational and educational articles, an extensive recipe database and excellent meal ideas for each day. On Sundays, I select our meals for the week and the program generates a shopping list that I can print and take grocery shopping. Losing weight is hard work, but mostly because it takes so much time planning for the opportunity to make smart choices when it is time to eat. Weight Watchers makes the food part manageable. After four weeks, I'm shocked how little (good) food it takes to feel satisfied.

Two of our favorite recipes we have tried lately have been sweet potato pancakes...

And oat-baked onion rings. I would definitely recommend giving them both a try!

When I was younger I was tested for food allergies and recall being allergic to eggs, so thought it might be best to have some tests run again to be sure I wasn't constantly fighting an allergic reaction with the foods I chose. I had extensive blood tests done at True North in Falmouth (looking for alternative healthcare? I highly recommend it, but they don't accept insurance), and couldn't believe my results that proved a mild allergy to most (!) foods. Oy. In addition to my daily multi-vitamin, vitamin B supplement (for stress), I now also take a probiotic and a digestive enzyme (with each meal) to help with my food sensitivities (purchased either at True North or Whole Foods). I'm amazed how quickly the combination of the four pills has boosted my energy and calmed my "leaky gut."

I have been a vegetarian off-and-on since fourth grade (I have vivid memories learning how pigs were slaughtered in a class discussion after reading "A Day No Pigs Would Die." No, thank you!), more seriously in the last three years not having had any meat since I met J (he was vegan then!). I do eat seafood, and am lucky to live on the coast where I am guaranteed its freshness. I wouldn't say I've ever been a bad eater, but not eating meat makes getting the right protein a bit more challenging each day.

I start each morning with a fruit shake (use anything you have in your fridge- fresh or frozen berries, banana, pineapple, a little juice if you have it, and some Flax- in your blender), or bowl of Crispy Brown Rice cereal w/ Almond milk, or 1 egg (or 3 egg whites) with basil and a slice of toast, or fat-free yogurt and low-fat granola. I love the options for breakfast. Starting the day off with a satisfied tummy really sets the tone for the rest of the day. I can't remember the last time I had a Starbucks latte for breakfast, and I honestly don't miss it!

Mid-morning, I have a Kashi GoLean Crunchy bar (read the labels on all protein bars as they are all mostly packed with high protein but also high fat. This is the best tasting bar I have tried that has the least fat and calories) or an orange or grapes.

Lunch is usually a tuna fish sandwich in a low-fat tortilla wrap (again, read labels. One tortilla wrap equals the same calories as one piece of high fiber bread. So I'd rather choose the wrap than lose the extra points in a second piece of bread) with a small side salad. Or, I have one of the many yummy salads at the organic cafe below my studio, North Star Cafe, and add tofu.

If I'm feeling hungry in the afternoon, cheese used to be what I'd reach for. Too high in fat, it is no longer my go-to food (and rarely appears in my diet, except for in small amounts of feta on a salad, for instance). Edamame is a quick pick-me-up and a complete protein. We buy it bagged in the frozen section of the grocery store and stock our freezer so it's always on hand. If you have a hard time keeping fresh veggies (sliced cucumbers with a little salt & pepper also make a great afternoon snack. I call them my substitute "chips"), tossing a bag of edamame in the microwave to thaw is a fast fix. Orville Redenbacher's 94% fat free Smart Pop popcorn is another great snack to power me up for my evening workout (and comes in 100 calorie snack size bag).

Our dinners vary on the season, but always include some sort of protein (typically fish, tofu or tempeh), a vegetable (sweet potato, spinach, salad or asparagus are favorites) and a grain. I have a lot of black beans & rice (which equal a complex carbohydrate), but I'd encourage you to also switch it up with some other grains. In addition to short grain brown rice, we also often have quinoa (adds a great texture to salads) and barley (add a little parsley).

Late night, while watching tv or answering emails, I crave sweets. Jello's fat-free, sugar-free 5-minute instant pudding is always an easy option. Or, in the winter months, I often reach for a mug of hot chocolate. Be careful to read labels, however! The box on the left is Swiss Miss "diet," the one on the right is "no sugar added." There's a significant difference between the two, even tho a quick glance on the shelf makes them appear quite similar.

And last but not least, stay hydrated! I have a Poland Spring water cooler at the studio (delivery $6/month), and keep a Nathan aluminum water bottle full at all times (it has a straw, which I prefer to the other aluminum canteen style bottles. Much easier when driving, too). I purchased mine at Dick's Sporting Goods.

In addition to water, consume as many vegetables as you can every day. Keep your other portion sizes reasonable (the size of your fist per serving). And repeat the mantra, "eat less, move more" and you're well on your way to a healthier lifestyle and slimmer silhouette in that wedding dress!

Munjoy Hill in the Washington Post


How neat to see Portland's Munjoy Hill neighborhood, home to the emilie inc. studio, featured in the Washington Post's travel section today! It was a great overview of the history of the east end and my eclectic neighbors. Click this link and give it a quick read.

NKOTB review


** amateur camera warning: please excuse the poor quality and crazy red eye of my point & shoot camera in this post! **

OMG. What a night! Kara and I had an absolute blast at New Kids On The Block!

We rolled in and I was pleasantly surprised to see mostly other 30-year old+ women (and men!). I was especially impressed with those who still had their old t-shirts on, scrunchies, crimped hair, and various neon accessories too. What fun!

Kara and I settled on some seats (the place, sadly, had a lot of empty seats so we had our choice pick) and screamed as the Fab 5 took to the stage (you will hear Kara in most of these videos). I had goosebumps. Seriously. It was a bizarre combination of fulfilling a childhood dream mixed with plenty of "I-am-not-12-anymore?" emotions!

Right Stuff from emilie sommer on Vimeo.

"Hangin' Tough" by New Kids on the Block from emilie sommer on Vimeo.

They played for 2 (!!) hours, featuring some of their new music and many old favorites, too! A highlight was when they walked through the crowd and sang a few on a rotating stage in the middle of the floor. Kara (who wasn't a child fan of the group, but is now) also saw the tour's opening show in Boston a few months ago, so alerted me when this was going to happen. We scooted down as close as we could get to the piano. :)

"Tonight" by New Kids on the Block from emilie sommer on Vimeo.

(note the girl getting booted by security at :51)

Two in the Morning from emilie sommer on Vimeo.

I'm not going to tell you about the part with Donnie when a girl threw her panties on stage and the dialogue that followed (even tho I have it on video- you just wouldn't believe it). It did not "capture my heart" one bit, Mr. Wahlberg.

I decided at the end of the show that it would be fun to have a T-shirt... $45 later (geesh!), this is the one that I chose! It says New Kids on the Block on the front (with glitter, of course) and the name of their new song about a photographer on the back. How could I resist?! (If you, too, would like one, go here).

Thanks to those of you who followed along with our evening on Twitter and for the hilarious chatter on Facebook (reads from bottom up):

As I was editing through the pictures and video clips earlier this morning, J paused and told me he's been to a lot of concerts but has never seen someone so excited about a show before. Oh, I can name a good dozen of my elementary school friends who would have loved to have been there right alongside me and Kara, singing their hearts out. I'm so lucky I had the opportunity! Thank you, Kara! And happy 31 years young to us!

memory lane


Twenty years ago, I wrote in my 6th grade English class journal about my "absession" with New Kids on the Block. I never saw them in concert then. But I did adore them, plastered my room with their posters, knew every song (and coordinating dance moves, of course). These days, the group is together again with a new album and a tour. A few months ago my best friend Kara surprised me with tickets for our birthdays! So tonight, I will finally see the Fab 5 in person in Portland!! Weehoo! Better late than never, right?

Doing a little spring cleaning last weekend, I was pleasantly surprised to come across a few pieces of my childhood NKOTB memorabilia. Very timely! I hope these scans make you giggle as much as I did!

So this is me circa 1989/90... braces, bangs, bushy eyebrows, bad clothes and a perm (w/ my friend Bianca at my 6th grade boy/girl birthday party in my basement).

This was my bedroom.

You think that's bad? This was my friend Dawn's room!

This was that journal I mentioned above from 6th grade English class. I looked at this for a long while, cracking up over my little notes, drawings, and especially the inclusion of The Cure, Richard Marx and Milli Vanilli.

And the entry (funny how I couldn't remember Jon!).

I was downright floored when I found this letter that I had written to NKOTB later that school year but didn't send (perhaps this was a first draft?). How embarrassing!

I even kept a cover of People Magazine from 1990.

Tonight should be a total hoot (I only wish I had saved my old T-shirts to wear! Instead, I do have a small button. A vintage accessory!)! I'll be sure to Twitter about the experience!

Sincerely yours,
Party Animal of the Century

ps- Do you think the Jonas Brothers will be touring in 20 years?!



J and I had the opportunity to both attend and photograph the 60th birthday party for arguably our most recognizable father-of-the-bride, Jon, and his equally special wife Sue, at the Woodlands Club in Falmouth.

You'll remember Jon as the sweetly weeping father after giving away his daughter Alisa to groom Coley in their 2007 Spruce Point Inn ceremony (below).

Experiencing Sue's father, Ray Lebel, play the trumpet with the Tony Boffa Band at Alisa & Coley's wedding was a highlight and touched both J and I deeply. We were saddened to learn Ray had recently been very ill and in the hospital. It was his his goal to make it to the party, and make it he did!

Just like at the wedding, Ray took his position with the band and quickly, the birthday party took a very tender tone as all witnessed this amazing man delight us with his genius. In between moments of awe and misty eyes, J and I criss-crossed the dance floor to capture yet another very important milestone happening before us in this family's life. Many inquiring brides ask why I offer the option to add a second photographer to their wedding day coverage. This post, in a nutshell, is why.

This was the scene.

J opted for a close-up...

I hung back a bit to show Ray with the band members at first.

Together, a very nice combination of angles.

Later, when Ray's son joined him on stage for a duet, we again worked two different angles at the same time.

Meanwhile, we were also concentrating on capturing not just the action, but the reaction.

Such a kind man.

Sue took the mic and thanked everyone for coming, including her father.


Time for the cake!

J captured the wishing from the front.

I stood to the side and used our additional light for drama.

Sue and Jon's son, Zac (who I have written about on the blog for his pastry talents and who is also baking some tasty chocolate treats for our wedding!), spent days putting together an assortment of yummies in addition to the cake.

Alternate angle.

Later, the dance floor filled up. We captured the overall dance floor.

But also the sub-story...

The details...

And the silly emotion (still have no idea what was going on here!).

Sue and Jon, Alisa and Coley, and Zac... you all have become like family to us, and it was so touching to be a part of your extended family's living tribute to Ray and your 60th birthdays. Congratulations and much love to all! xo
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