invitations: mailed!


J and I had a great long weekend in Mexico for a very special wedding (more on this later this week). We are happy to be home, jumping on the remaining items on our wedding To Do list. A highlight? Mailing our wedding invitations this morning!

Even tho we know who is coming to our tiny wedding, I had such fun shopping for the perfect destination wedding invitation anyway. We selected Bella Figura, a letterpress shop based in Syracuse, New York (where I went to college)! I am very happy with the amazing quality of the paper and letterpress.

Melanie of A Fine Letter in Illinois addressed the envelopes with astonishing one-day turn around! Her beautiful penmanship and fantastic quality service make it easy to recommend Melanie time and time again as I have over the years since first learning of her when I lived in Washington, DC.

So as to not spoil the surprise of what the invitation looks like for our guests, I'll post the envelope today and just a sneak peek at the invitation (and the beautiful bronze envelope liner).


  1. Anonymous6:30 PM

    These look fantastic! Can't believe it's almost here!

  2. oh em! These Are beautiful!!! Love love love, and can't wait to see more!

  3. these are gorgeous. I really wish I had done letterpress for our invitations (especially considering our 1940s theme) but I had to cut costs somewhere so I hand cut 120 invitations with an exact-o knife but letterpress would've been more elegant and LESS TIME. It took forever. I also hand lettered our invites in an art deco font I created. AGAIN. TOOK forever. Impressive with the 1 day turn-around.


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