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Twenty years ago, I wrote in my 6th grade English class journal about my "absession" with New Kids on the Block. I never saw them in concert then. But I did adore them, plastered my room with their posters, knew every song (and coordinating dance moves, of course). These days, the group is together again with a new album and a tour. A few months ago my best friend Kara surprised me with tickets for our birthdays! So tonight, I will finally see the Fab 5 in person in Portland!! Weehoo! Better late than never, right?

Doing a little spring cleaning last weekend, I was pleasantly surprised to come across a few pieces of my childhood NKOTB memorabilia. Very timely! I hope these scans make you giggle as much as I did!

So this is me circa 1989/90... braces, bangs, bushy eyebrows, bad clothes and a perm (w/ my friend Bianca at my 6th grade boy/girl birthday party in my basement).

This was my bedroom.

You think that's bad? This was my friend Dawn's room!

This was that journal I mentioned above from 6th grade English class. I looked at this for a long while, cracking up over my little notes, drawings, and especially the inclusion of The Cure, Richard Marx and Milli Vanilli.

And the entry (funny how I couldn't remember Jon!).

I was downright floored when I found this letter that I had written to NKOTB later that school year but didn't send (perhaps this was a first draft?). How embarrassing!

I even kept a cover of People Magazine from 1990.

Tonight should be a total hoot (I only wish I had saved my old T-shirts to wear! Instead, I do have a small button. A vintage accessory!)! I'll be sure to Twitter about the experience!

Sincerely yours,
Party Animal of the Century

ps- Do you think the Jonas Brothers will be touring in 20 years?!


  1. Anonymous1:09 PM

    OMG! This is TOO FUNNY!!!! I LOVE your bedroom wall picture and your letters and journal entries. You will have the best time tonight! Oh, how I remember those days-seems so long ago now! LOVE this entry-have fun! Love, Kate

  2. Anonymous1:24 PM

    I agree with Kate. This is one of the best blog posts I have read anywhere. Your letter to the band is a riot. Hope you and Kara have a fun time at the concert -- the real question is, are you perming your hair for this event??? :) -Noelle

  3. Anonymous2:04 PM

    Your letters kill me!

  4. Amazing. Truly incredible. And here I thought I was the party animal of the century. My reputation is ruined!

  5. I actually can't stop laughing. This is hilarious! I am alone in my living room laughing out loud and wishing someone was here with me to appreciate this blog post. I hope you have so much fun tonight! Can't wait to hear about it.

  6. I probably have similar things in a box at my parent's house. Thanks so much for sharing, it brought back a lot of memories. Have a great time at the show. And Jon, Jordan's brother, is who you left out of your diary entry. :)

  7. Anonymous7:26 PM

    Too cute!!! Can't wait to hear all about the concert!! Are you going to buy a t-shirt? Barbara

  8. Anonymous7:58 PM

    em and kara, happy birthday!
    have a great time!!!
    love the pictures and oh how i remember your party in the basement and all the wall drawings. those were the days!
    love, mom xo

  9. Anonymous9:25 PM

    Hey Party Animal!
    Were you really? How do I not remember that? All I remember about that year was the fact that one of the "new girls" (Jen Rouscher) was allowed to go to the NKOTB concert, had an extra ticket for me, and Mom wouldn't let me go. But, go figure, she allowed me to go to MC Hammer the next year with Lisl and Dan Valente. Ahhh, memories...
    Have a blast! I'm still jealous!

  10. Anonymous10:12 PM

    I can't tell you how hard this post made me laugh. For some reason the line "I chose to have it in my basement" about your boy/girl party absolutely kills me. What an excellent choice of venue!

    I hope you're having a blast, party person!

  11. ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!! this is SO funny! i remember writing letters like those at that age. i was "absessed" too ; )

  12. hahahahahaahahahahaha. you had me rolling with these pics.

    No wonder you are friends with :e:, I hear he was mistaken for Joey McIntyre quite a few times ;)

  13. this is one of my all time favorite postings! so great!

  14. Anonymous9:06 AM

    Oh Boy, I do remember your "absession". I love that in your letter you are giving them career advice "I think a new album would help your success"! That is so Emilie. Your Dad alerted me to this post..absolutely hysterical. I am somewhat amazed that you still have all this stuff.....Oh wait...what am I saying. Nevermind. I hope you girls enjoyed the concert. Love, P.

  15. Anonymous9:29 PM

    Wow. Emilie - that is all I can say. Wow! So funny. The bedroom pic is priceless. Which NKOTB is J's fave?! (kidding!)


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