spring women's luncheon


Twice a year, I gather together Maine's finest talent for a luncheon to meet & greet, network, and talk industry shop. It's not too often a bunch of such cool creatives are in the same place at the same time! Some might think it's a little odd to befriend your competition, but I adore my wedding photography friends. Having a solid group of women I know personally to refer brides for dates I am booked or to have on speed dial in case of an emergency is a tremendous asset to each of our businesses. Today, 30+ of us dined at the Eastland Park Hotel's Top of the East roof lounge. The place was abuzz with chatter as we caught up on the busy off-season and we were treated to a dialogue on our editing workflow (which I will go into in greater detail in a post tomorrow)! Thanks, ladies. Always a pleasure!


  1. Thank YOU Emilie (again) for all the hard work you put into making these luncheons happen. They are so much fun and such a valuable resource. Sorry I had to rush off to a dentist appointment--after downing a bowl of garlic soup, no less!

  2. Thank you Emilie....I really enjoyed myself and made some great friends today!


  3. Thank you Emilie for all your hard work in putting these together every spring and fall. It's such a great opportunity to network and collaborate, and it's an awesome group of women that are willing to share and support each other!


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