* Christine and Jon


Christine and Jon, both pilots living in Florida, visited the studio in Maine this week to say hello in person (we've had a steady email friendship til now), preview products and have a coastal engagement session to complement their upcoming mountain nuptials in Jackson, New Hampshire, this summer.

I took them to beloved Ferry Beach during low tide in Scarborough. At sunset, this hideaway is an artist's paradise when the sun drops to just the right place in the sky. Unfortunately, we arrived a bit too early for the glowy light I was after. When Christine mentioned her nerves and regretted not getting some champagne on their way, I happily pulled a bottle from my Jeep that I had to bring to the studio anyway. They sipped as we chatted, soaking in our beautiful scenery until the light was just perfect. Even tho I hadn't planned on making these two wait for their photographic debut, it actually couldn't have worked out better.

So looking forward to the *Tuesday* wedding in August!

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  1. Always prepared aren't you!
    Beautiful pictures as always.


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