east coast wedding party


To wrap up our wedding festivities, we had a party at the studio to celebrate with my family who couldn't attend our island nuptials and invited a few close friends, too! Musician Peter Miles entertained our guests, while cupcakes & other yummies from Two Fat Cats and champagne from the Old Port Wine Merchants filled our bellies. We were definitely feeling the love!

We had a slideshow of our wedding pictures from Jules.

Associate photographer Whitney was so nice to attend and take all these fantastic pictures for us (thanks, Whit!).

As was videographer Morgan (thanks, Moe!).

J decided to wear his wedding suit (sans the shirt and tie) from the wedding (here talking with my glam grandma). Um, I think it shoulda been ironed, J? ;)

And I opted for a spring full length dress that I spotted at Banana. My wedding dress needs cleaning and a little sewing, too. I had a blow-out at Fabu in the Old Port.

There were so many special people from my life who shared their Memorial Day weekend with us, my adorable nephew Nathan among them (here with my mom).

Likewise, my grandma traveled from Arizona (seen here with my aunt Suzanne from Vermont, far left, and my mom).

My mom's side of the family requested a family photo (my uncle from California is missing).

My high school art teacher, and the inspiration for my career choice in photography, Geoff Drew attended!

As did my elementary school guidance counselor who helped my sister and I get through my parents' divorce when I was little (my sister Kate is at left).

Again, nephew Nathan.

My mom and her cousin Lassie.

My darling grandparents from NH.

Nana cracking up with my stepmother Paula.

My stepfather Steve's sister Barbara.

Kelly and Judy, center, of Flora Fauna.

My BFF Kara who was in St. John but we didn't get a picture together. We smiled extra-wide for this one!

College friend Erica, her husband Steve and their baby Zoey made the drive from Philly.

David Murray drove up from Atlanta for the fun. Cracking up here, per usual!

J chats it up with Kelsie, far left, and Reg, center, who catered our island dinner with friends.

Photo friends Amy, far left, and Beth with J.

Beth's adorable little girl Maggie!

Friends and emilie inc. couple Hawley and Sarah.

Miles digs in for some sweet dessert after playing. He's such an amazing talent! A party at the studio just wouldn't be the same without him!

The Mr and Mrs. :)

Now that we're done with our own wedding hoopla, we are excited to turn our attention to our clients' weddings for the summer! Let the season begin!


  1. You looked beautiful Emliie! What a special event!

  2. I am so sad that I missed this evening-it looks like a great time was had by all! I couldn't quite sneak out of the wedding in time! You look beee-utiful! Many hugs and congratulations to you both and I look forward to seeing you soon!

  3. They look great. Congratulations on such a nice party. So glad we could be there.

  4. You look gorgeous sista! :) J looking good too! looks like a fun party :)

  5. This looks like such a fabulous celebration, you guys. I am so sorry that a) I had to work, and b) have non-easygoing twins and couldn't make it.

    Em, your hair belongs in a celebrity magazine. J, you and Matt wore the same suit to get married, I'm pretty sure!

    Congrats again, you two.


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