Roots '08 reflections


Still on the fence as to whether or not you should snag one of the remaining seats for the Roots Workshop in Cape Cod this July 19-24? Perhaps the reflections of some of last year's students will finally convince you that, Yes! This is the summer to concentrate on your storytelling!

Want to learn even more? Watch our video, browse all the blog entries about last year's workshop, visit the workshop website for this year's details, and become a fan of the workshop on Facebook (and watch for an exciting announcement there next week!)!

We'd love to have you join us!

Those five days completely revolutionized the way I shoot. Not through camera settings or business strategies, but through the way I see things... the way I see life. And, ultimately, how I interpret life and tell you, the viewer, that story. Each and every shoot henceforth is a product of what I took away from that week...
Shyla Dalirifar
Marblehead, MA

My Roots experience was so pivotal in my life and powerful in my profession that I've yet to find the words to write about it. Suffice to say, I have yet to recover and I think that is a wonderful thing! My days covering a student actress at the theater and my nights spent alongside some of the nation's finest wedding photographers peering at a projection screen and into our hearts and creative souls was "see-changing" and not an image I take goes by when I do not reflect on my time and tutoring there. To be able to take an entire week doing what you love most to truly focus on developing your eye, your artistry and yourself (not just as a photographer but as a person) is a true treat! To do it alongside others who are on a similar exhausting yet exhilarating path of self-discover, all while being supported by those in the industry you most respect, makes it all the sweeter.
Sam DePoy-Warren
Portland, ME

First and foremost, Roots taught me that if you are to be a great photographer, you must never stop learning.
I learned... to keep my story in the forefront of my mind.
I learned... what I needed to capture in order to tell my story.
I learned... the moment is more important than anything else in our business.
I learned... to be ready for anything.
I learned... that you can't be afraid to make mistakes if you want to learn.
I learned... not to be afraid of the baseball.
I learned... it IS possible to capture a moment and still have a great composition, exposure, focus and cropping. :)
I learned... that other people have some of the same issues and fears that I do.
I learned... to keep myself from becoming involved in the action. That in order to capture true moments, you have to keep yourself at a distance (mentally, not physically).
I learned... that Tyler squeals in the same pitch that I do when I get THE SHOT. :)
I learned... how to be a better photographer.
Neysa Ruhl
Cincinnati, OH

The beauty of the Roots Workshop is that you never stop learning. Your education begins on the first night at the Welcome BBQ and continues throughout the week as you interact with your peers, mentors, and leaders. Months later, the education continues. I find myself reflecting upon the very things that I heard, saw and experienced during the workshop. The memories of the week, combined with the lessons and skills learned, make for a lifelong education experience that would be beneficial for any photographer.
Meredith Purdue
Cape Elizabeth, ME

The Roots Workshop nudged me towards a path of greater photographic discipline, becoming more aware of the edges of my compositions and working harder at my photographs, working the angles more, finding the unexpected angle or focal length.
Mellissa DeMille
Clinton, CT

I really got a lot out of my Roots experience. I received many tips and new shooting techniques from the many helpful mentors. I also met many new friends that I still keep up with to this day.
Ty Miller
Dalton, GA

The best part of the experience was being surrounded by so many wonderful photographers who challenged me and opened my eyes to new ways of thinking about my photography. There was so much learning throughout the week, even in small side conversations. My assignment drove home the importance of developing relationships with my subjects to best tell their stories, and reinforced that taking risks sometimes results in the best images.
Stephen Bobb
Takoma Park, MD

Coming in, I thought I had a clear understanding of what it meant to be a photojournalist. But I learned over three days that it means a lot more, including developing your photo story. I walked away from Roots with a broader, deeper understanding of photojournalism, what it means to find a story, handy new techniques that improved the way I shoot, ways to make a mundane subject an interesting picture, and how to work a situation to my advantage. I am still working on all of this, but I know what is possible! I hear the words of my mentor echoing in my head whenever the camera is in front of me.
Linda Crayton
Great Falls, VA

The amazing thing that Roots offers is a week to concentrate on your craft. As you are immersed in your photography you have some of the top photojournalists in the country critiquing your work and fine tuning your eye. The week completely changed the way I look at weddings!
Jason Sandifer
South Portland, ME

There isn't a day that goes by that I do not reflect on my experience at Roots. What Roots did for me is difficult for me to even put into words. The days were long, the critiques harsh and sleep was a commodity that most could not afford and I wouldn't have changed a thing. Emilie and all involved did more than just host a workshop, it was truly a life altering event for me and I will be forever changed and indebted. If you have any desire to grow as a photographer you owe it to yourself to attend Roots.
James Bass
Baldwinsville, NY

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