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Now that it's May and the start of wedding season for photographers in New England, I thought it appropriate to post the completed picture stories of those who attended my Roots Workshop last summer as a reminder of the need to awake and refresh our creativity.

Roots is a week long photojournalism retreat in beautiful Cape Cod where the number of staff nearly exceeds the number of students. Under the same roof of a rambling farmhouse on the water, staff and students alike learn to be better visual storytellers through group exercises and editorial assignments.

I am so humbled by the photographers who attended last summer and had the courage to put themselves and their abilities on the line, to be open to criticism, and therefore open to growth. Each and every one had the opportunity to face their biggest hurdles, and all impressed the staff with their grace as they met and exceeded those obstacles.

I cannot wait to return again this summer, and would love to have you join us. The workshop is open to all photographers, not just wedding shooters, looking to have a better understanding of photojournalism.

July 19-24. Will you be there?

Please click on the thumbnails to enlarge and visit the workshop website to see each picture story in its entirety.


  1. I love these!!! wish I could go

  2. So glad you posted these Em! I so miss all of my Roots people! What a great memory of a wonderful week. I can not wait to do it all again this summer. The work produced by the students is jaw dropping. Totally changed photographers!!!

  3. SO looking forward to the week on the cape this year! Yes, I am cooking for everyone...should be interesting!

  4. I cannot WAIT to see what this year's students produce. :)

  5. J,

    PB & J can't be THAT hard to make! :) Looking forward to seeing you & Em both and taking this time for myself, for my craft and ultimately for my clients...counting the days!


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