we're married: the pictures


Our photographer, Jules Bianchi, put together a slideshow of her favorite images. Here are our favorites of her favorites.

The bling, and our wedding colors, all in one!

My gals intently watching my make-up application.

My handsome groom, ready to go!

My most favorite detail of my dress: covered buttons in a starfish-like pattern, and an asymmetrical tab.

My beloved French veil.

Waiting at the beach.

Our ceremony program featured a favorite e.e. cummings quote.

Our intimate ceremony.

Our 23 VIPs.

J had a countdown app on his iPhone to our big day.

Jules is used to two hours of portraits on the west coast; we scheduled 40 minutes (which is nearly considered a lot of time for the east coast). She did a fantastic job capturing us.

So glad I decided to pick up this orange parasol!

Then we moved to the villa for a few more portraits during cocktails.

Our yummy signature drink display.

Cocktail hour was on the lower level of the villa, then we moved to the rooftop deck for dinner.

The beautiful table settings for dinner.

Very cool shot of us outside taken from inside.

For everything that was different about our wedding, we did want to honor the tradition of cutting a cake together. After the eating, it ended with a sweet smooch.

More posts to come soon: Wedding details dissected and my reflections on being a bride!


  1. I got here at the right time! Let me say it again ... STUNNING! Love the flower in your hair. What a lovely sky you had and all the details are just wonderful. :)

  2. Delurking to say... Congratulations, Emilie! Tears came to my eyes seeing how happy you look.

    I can't wait to hear how you felt about being on the other side of the camera. (It was surreal for me last August, but the amazing Anne Ruthmann took excellent care of us. :)

    Enjoy the newlywed bliss!

  3. Thank you!!

    Angie, belated congrats to you, too! Were you on Anne's blog? Would love to see your pics!

  4. A lovely reflection of the two of you and your relationship and perfect in every detail. The intimate feel of close family and friends is beautiful---and so are the bride and groom. French veil is fabulous! Celebration at the Ramp soon!
    L & D

  5. These are fabulous and you look gorgeous! I especially love the portrait of you with the parasol in front of the water.

    Congratulations to you and J!

  6. Em....what beautiful shots. the colors are amazing! You look so beautiful. I am on vacay...see you when I get back! jude

  7. I have so many favorites I don't know where to start. Emilie, you are amazingly beautiful and you look just perfect. I'm so glad your dreams have and will continue to come true. Your friendship and life are a joy to have in mine. Congratulations to you both!

  8. Jessica4:26 PM

    Absolutely gorgeous!! The wedding looked like it was perfect~ CONGRATS!!!

  9. hooray!! So fun to see your favorites!! I love SOOO many shots - I'm sending you ALL of them first thing tomorrow, btw, so you'll have more to look at!

  10. melanie6:27 PM

    oh. my. god. so. beautiful! LOVE your veil. LOVE the colors. LOVE everything!

  11. It's so interesting how wedding "schedules" differ from parts of the country (and world) 2 hours for a photo shoot in CA and you are right... lucky to get 40 min here. They made great use of their 40 min :) Meg

  12. Anonymous9:57 AM

    Love you both! Kara & Scott

  13. you were absolutely stunning! and j cleaned up pretty nicely too ;) love to you both and many happy days to come!!

    Tina & Aaron

  14. I'm sitting here all misty eyed! What a beautiful celebration of you both and how awesome that you had such a small group of VIPs.....happiness!

  15. congrats and love everything, gorgeous bride!

  16. Anonymous12:06 AM

    E- Congrats to you and J! It looked beautiful. I am sure that you had the time of your lives.
    Love, Lindsay Bello Martin

  17. Emilie and Jay!
    What a beautifully crafted, photographed and well thought out wedding! You almost brought tears to my eyes reading the details you incorporated and just how lovely everything came out - a dream come true! You had so many personal touches and the your whole thought about the food - right there with you!! Amazing! So happy you shard the images, and all of your planning, what fun!
    I hope you have not experienced the let down after the wedding...just keep your inspiration going through future brides!
    Can't wait to see what happens when you start prepping for a lil Sandifer:)

  18. I cannot stress enough how absolutely STUNNING you look... my oh my.

  19. Great recap, Emilie! We are also having a destination wedding (in a mountain), so this is a good inspiration for us! I like how your guests are dressed - I think I will send these pics to my guests!

  20. Jeanna1:02 PM

    Thanks so much for sharing this journey! It looked like a fabulous celebration that came together with great thought and style...what a perfect memory!! You both look so gorgeous and glowing!

  21. You guys are sooo cute... I am so happy I ran across these photos!

  22. I just stumbled on this blog. We are getting married in very similar fashion staying in the same fabulous villa! Loved the pics & details!
    Thanks! Julee & Dave


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