entreverge award winner


I won an electric guitar last night, my trophy from entreverge, for being recognized as a rockstar entrepreneur.

Seriously. How cool is that?!

entreverge is an innovative new model of business organizing that leverages the leadership of greater Portland’s business community to build supportive relationships around local businesses–with a scalable vision and a long-term commitment to the people, place and prosperity of Maine.

There were five recipients (emilie inc, Atayne Clothing, Pemaquid Communications, Topline Marketing and Turtle Love Committee), chosen from 52 applicants. The awards were presented last night after a crowded networking cocktail hour (300 people!) at the Port City Music Hall, followed by some fantastic live music. In addition to the sweet guitar and a pink lei (brilliant attention to my brand), the real prize is to come: face time with the advisory board (look at this amazing list of local success stories to choose from) and pro bono consulting services.

Check out the article in today's Portland Press Herald here.

I'm a little bit stunned to have been selected, and stoked for the introductions to come. Thank you, entreverge, for seeing growth potential in emilie inc!


  1. Congratulations!! When are you forming the rock band?! L + D

  2. Like I said. I expect a full blown cover of Single Ladies to be performed at Roots.

  3. So Cool! With so much talent in the room it was certainly great for them to recognize you sweets! Go emilie inc!

  4. Anonymous6:00 PM

    You go girl!! emilie inc. rocks! Barbara


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