* Lisa and Steve


venue: Spruce Point Inn Boothbay Harbor, ME
coordinator: Becky Beam
officiant: Bill Meyers
florist: Judy Bourgeois Flora Fauna Designs
band: Tony Boffa Band
cake: Steve Watts Sweet Sensations
dress: Paloma Blanca Brides Against Breast Cancer

For the third weekend in a row, emilie inc. photographed at Spruce Point Inn! It was my turn this time, as J and Whitney had been there previous Saturdays. A blanket of clouds and occasional mist blanketed the inn for the duration of the day, sadly, so we weren't able to take advantage of the typical stellar sunset. Like Lisa, I adore SPI in the fog anyway. There was a cozy, romantic feel to the afternoon, peppered with shrieks of joy from Lisa.

In Lisa's words, their story:
Steve and Lisa met the summer before their senior year at Boston College. Lisa was a Research Assistant and worked for three different professors in the Psychology Department. Steve worked in the computer lab and often helped computer-illiterate individuals (like Lisa at the time) do things like burn important lab results on a CD.

Throughout the summer, Lisa would run into Steve at the lab and they would exchange small talk. It wasn't until August that Lisa decided that she really liked Steve and from then on, Steve didn't stand a chance! The two went on a few dates before they decided to be exclusive.

Two days after Steve and Lisa officially became a couple, the two realized that Lisa was to be Steve's Resident Assistant (RA) at college. As dating a resident was a slight "no-no" in the RA world, Lisa decided to take matters into her own hands. Instead of breaking things off, Lisa marched into RA Training, looked her boss in the eyes and said, "I have been dating a soon-to-be resident for two days and I am sorry but I don't plan to break-up with him!"

And the rest, as they say, is history!

On to the pictures...

Lisa catches her bridal reflection for the first time. Priceless (actually, I heard her mutter: "Gorgeous." Love it).

Ring pine cone props I spotted while walking the grounds. Appropriate, no?

Check out the sparkle on Lisa's heels.

Bold, bright flowers looked great against the men's gray suits.

If you haven't been, SPI is a complex comprised of a main inn, condos and rows of rooms- like this one- that overlook the water.

Laughter filled the suite as Lisa readied.

Groom Steve, left, and his brother.

Seriously, how adorable is Lisa's reaction to being pronounced husband and wife?


Down on the rocks.

Heading to the reception (I was impressed that Lisa kept those heels on all night!).

Mmmmmm.... seasonal splendor by Steve Watts.

Lisa met each and every guest with the same excited enthusiasm.

The Tony Boffa Band kept everyone out of their chairs and on the dance floor throughout the night until the very last dance.

Sweet dreams, Spruce Point Inn.

Please enjoy their beautiful album design below.

Congratulations, Lisa and Steve. I loved working with you and your families on your big day! Good luck with the move to Virginia this week! xo

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