* Sarah and Hawley engagement


Clients-turned-friends Sarah and Hawley live just around the corner from the studio in Portland and are to be wed next month. When I wanted to have a show & tell portrait training exercise with my new associate Whitney, this adorable pair excitedly volunteered for an impromptu engagement session on the Eastern Prom. I walked Whitney through different angles, lenses and portrait poses of a typical shoot and here are some of my favorites from her take.


  1. Jeanna10:06 AM

    WOW - these turned out great!! yay engagement pics!

  2. great shots........can't wait for our early am boston trip to get their flowers....then the wedding....what a great cronicle of thier wedding!

  3. Awesome shots Whit! We just booked you for our wedding 10/10/09 Woodbound Inn, Rindge, NH.

    Ilo and I are really looking forward to our big day and working with you to capture all the greatest moments big and small. The pictures above are really encouraging!! We’ll be in contact after the holiday weekend.

    Happy 4th.


  4. Thanks, Mark! Sarah and Hawley were great. So happy to hear I will be shooting your wedding! Be in touch whenever is convenient for you. Hope you enjoyed the holiday weekend.


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