* Whitney & Samantha + Gus & Ruby


I have the coolest clients.

emilie inc. bride Whitney (not to be confused with my associate, also Whitney) and colleague Samantha saw a void in the marketplace and have joined forces to open a high-end stationery shop in Portsmouth (they signed their lease this morning for their perfect Market Street location. Congrats!) offering unique stationery and custom letterpress (hallelujah!). Inspired by their pups Gus and Ruby, they have named their business... Gus & Ruby. Fun, catchy, memorable. I love it!

Eager to pick my brain about starting a business, these two visited my studio earlier in the month to talk logistics. I am always excited when folks go after their dream, especially women... especially my brides... and especially when it is a service that benefits my other clients! We share the same creative vision and passion for providing an experience- not just a task on the wedding To Do list- for our couples, and I cannot wait to watch their storefront come to life (I'll do a proper vendor tour when they are open for business soon).

We met again last night in York- this time with the very important pups- for some quick portraits for their website. With the tide and wind working against us at the beach, we retreated to a park for some more casual portraits and dog lounging... er, dog chasing rather. :)

And so, without further ado, please meet the dynamic duo that is Gus & Ruby, Samantha (left) and Whitney.

Here's Ruby.

And Gus.

Together they, too, are quite a pair.

Love the spots on Ruby's tongue!

Ruby's mom, Whitney.

Gus' mom, Sam.

The Gus & Ruby team.

Whitney & Sam brought props!

They tried a serious pose.

But smiling suited them much more naturally.

Most of the hour session was spent cracking up. I have a lot of images like this. :)

So excited for you ladies!! And brides, be sure to watch their progress on their blog, Paper Hounds.


  1. Oh gosh Emilie. We are just SO thrilled to have the opportunity to work with you. We had a blast last night and the photos turned out great!

    Gus and Ruby have been showing all their friends.

    Thank you, again, for everything. Hooray!!

    -Sam, Whitney, Gus & Ruby

  2. These are so cute!!! I love the dresses and all of the color...and the fact that some of the flowers matched the purple in her dress. Too cute!! I wish them all the luck with their new business!!

  3. It's such a lovely thing to see others follow their bliss...and what a clever personal branding technique! Bon courage (good luck in French) to Samantha & Whitney!

  4. So yesterday I was hanging out at the Marblehead Arts Champagne kickoff and I met a new friend... we start chatting and come to find out she knows you. No, she MORE than knows you.... you shot her! I am officially in love with my new friend Sam Finnigan! We sat at the local pub and chatted for a full two hours after the event so of course I had to come see the pictures she told me about!

    Small world... and you captured her spirit so well!



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