2 Fresh Threads


Looking for something to do in Maine this weekend? I'd recommend checking out the Yarmouth Clam Festival, and more specifically, the official debut of 2 Fresh Threads, a new venture of emilie inc. designer Christina and her friend Tracy. They will be showcasing their handcrafted wares at a booth in the craft show on the North Yarmouth Academy lawn 10 AM - 9 PM Friday and Saturday, and 10 AM - 3 PM Sunday.

Hatched while sipping champagne on New Year's Eve, I've loved watching this idea come together for Christina. I stopped by her house yesterday to see the last minute preparations and was wow'ed by their impressive progress. I know Christina is talented and has great taste, but couldn't comprehend the quantity of products produced: 96 bibs, 96 diaper changing pads, 48 aprons, 48 oven mits, 120 coaster sets (4 coasters each) and 144 screen-printed onesies.

Here's a sneak peek...

I'll never forget the day Christina skipped into the studio to show me their onesies with their tags sewn in. Like I felt when I received my business cards, this was the moment that it became real.

Some of the finished potholders were perched atop the back of Christina's couch when I arrived.

And in the dining room, Christina and Tracy were hard at work with their dueling sewing machines.

Tracy's dog Gus was sleeping comfortably under the table.

All that was left to sew was a few remaining coasters.

Once finished, Tracy ironed and de-linted the coasters before wrapping with a bit of twine.

Voila. Check out all the fantastic patterns! Even better, they're reversible.

As I mentioned earlier, Christina and Tracy also sewed aprons (which are also reversible).

And diaper changing pads.

They also screen printed four designs onto baby onesies.

I couldn't leave without a handful of gifts, which was good practice for their invoicing system. I was customer #1!

I imagine 2 Fresh Threads is going to be a screaming success at the fair this weekend. Heck, if I were a betting woman, I'd wager they'll sell out on the first day!

Congratulations, Christina and Tracy! So proud of you both, and so excited to hear of your weekend's success when you arrive for Roots Workshop on Sunday evening, Christina! Hugs!


  1. Beautiful! They are going to sell out for sure! Best of luck 2 fresh threads!!

  2. I can't wait to see their booth!! Clam fest here we come! Congratulations Tracy and Christina everything looks soooo amazing!

  3. Good luck ladies! Love your logo and marketing.

  4. Wow! Gorgeous stuff. Do they sell wholesale :) I know of a cute new store opening that might be a perfect fit for their goods....

  5. Wonderful, warm and airy feelings coming from your designs... Can't wait to see what will be next!


  6. They should sell on etsy!


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