* Baby Zachary


Between the weather and our schedules, Kate Parker and I had quite a challenge coordinating calendars for her son Zachary's 6 month photo shoot. We missed it by a month, almost two, but were finally blessed with a perfect day and appointment-free afternoon to meet for some photos yesterday. My, look how Zach has grown! And seriously, can we talk about his crazy fun 'do?!

One of Kate's planners, also named Kate, tends to Zachary while he takes a bottle at KPW headquarters.

I happened to visit the one and only day Zach didn't nap.

He was a total trooper and stuck it out.

I got to witness the magic hair styling formula in the tub, but promised not to tell.

All wrapped up and ready for bed. Such a sweetheart.

View Kate's maternity session here.
View Zachary's 3 week shoot here.
View Zachary's 6 month shoot here.

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  1. Adorable!!! LOL, that first photo is too cute for words.


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