Return to Roots, Day 1


There's something about a favorite place that always feels familiar and comfortable no matter how long it's been since last visited. The smell of the air, the sound of the screen door closing, the gentle lap of the ocean waves. (Smile). Cape Cod is my happy place. It's where I return to in body and mind to refresh and rejuvenate. And today, I welcomed a new group of students for our second annual Roots Workshop.

My dear friend and Roots Workshop '08 student Eric Laurits will be documenting our week in photographs so that I may tend to workshop host duties, yet offer you an insight as to what we are doing. Thank you, Eric, and thank you, readers, for following what promises to be an exhausting, exhilarating experience.

Day 1: arrivals

I thought about getting balloons to help identify the property for arriving students but J's FJ on the front lawn seemed more appropriate.

Our dock.

Compound tours with student Andree.

J, the official workshop cook, peeks in the fridge.

Staffers Tyler and Jenn catching up on the deck.

My husband, and former vegan, manned tonight's BBQ.

Back to the dock.

Me 'n mentor Rachel.

Mentor Mark.

Team leader Tyler getting low.

There's nothing like getting a bunch of creatives together under one roof. There has already been plenty of loud laughter, and in between the conversations, the silent presence of charged anticipation. This kinda growth potential is contagious and I'm pumped for a super week!

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  1. Don't let Rachel hurt herself. She's the only good photographer at LaCour.


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