Roots Workshop Day 2


To the Ladies and Gentleman of emilie inc. land,

This blog has been hijacked. Actually, I like pirated better. This blog has officially been pirated. Or hijacked. Whatever you like better.

this is me ::

The first thing you'll notice is that I am a lot more scruffy than emilie. True story.

I have officially stolen the emilie inc blog right out from under your noses and I decided that I'm going to tell you all about what is going on at Roots from my perspective. The official documentarian. That's me. eric. OK. Game on.

For some of us, the day started off beautifully - I led a early morning yoga session right on our very own private dock. It was an awe-inspiring experience to be practicing as the sun crept up over the water and warmed our hearts. For everyone who wasn't there, most notably those in Greg and Rachel's team [who stayed up wicked late the evening before going over technique, settings, generally how to approach shooting a story as a photojournalist. [hereafter referred to shooting PJ].] The morning may have come a little too soon. See Exhibit A below.

The morning was filled with some remarkable stories by Greg and Rachel about what it truly means to shoot a story, assignment details by Emilie and Jen, and working a scene by Mark and Tyler. [note: the title that they came up with, Wirken the Scene, garnered less laughs then you might think given Tyler's last name which is Wirken for those who don't know. Actually, it garnered about as many laughs as you think.] It was actually a really full and incredibly informative morning.

Rachel took a little break to play on the awesome zipline. I wonder if I can rig it up to go straight into the ocean... hmmm....

after an incredible lunch by J, the leaders set up a 'scene' for the students to 'Wirk.' It was... er... uh.... special. VERY special. Can you imagine having your eyes closed and hearing Greg Gibson yell "YOU HAVE ONE MINUTE TO TELL THE COMPLETE AND FULL STORY OF THIS SCENE! GO!" and then opening your eyes to see this?

like I said. special. and hilarious. I may have busted a gut laughing so hard.

when the exercise was over, we all loaded into cars and headed out to the Barnstable County Fair for another assignment - tell the story of the fair in 5 images. That's all you get. 5. It's a huge fair with tons going on... I kind of went on stimulation overload... It was really something to watch the instructors working with the students in this very busy chaotic environment. They are masters of keeping their cool and making beautiful work!

So all in all... a petty amazing day. Tomorrow the student assignments start up so I'm sure I'll have some fun things to share. Until then... Ahoy! Shiver me Timbers!

over and out. and under. and around and around on the Ferris Wheel.



  1. Excellent recap on the day! Exciting to see everything coming together and looking forward to seeing some images from the stores tonight!
    Keep up the good work pirate!

  2. Looks like a good time - stay outta the way of the British dude!

  3. wow...I would like him to hyjack my blog....lucky girl!!!!! jude


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