Roots Workshop Day 3


Pirate Eric here.

Coming at you again from the high seas of the Atlantic. Loving the days up here thus far at Roots Workshop. Today I began heading out to document the students on assignment. They've been at some pretty awesome places...

... Kids baseball camp

Mentor Rachel arrives.

... Juvie boot camp at the fire house

With mentor Mark.

... summer stock theatre at The Monomoy and rehearsals for 'Honk"

Mark visits here too.

Then there was Ned. Oh Neddy neddy neddy. I'll leave the details out for all of you, but in the image below Ned is telling us all about his lovely lobstering trip on the rough seas that morning. He also told us about his best new friend, Mr. Bucket. A bucket is super useful It can catch all sorts of things that come out of us. Sometimes right after another. Like breakfast. Both digested and then undigested. Catch my drift?

Editing sessions are awesome. Just ask Tyler.

Yeah. After everyone got back from their assignments we set up the review stations and went through the day's images and the team leaders talk about composition, lighting, content, expression.. all the good stuff. Sometimes they are brutal, sometimes they are complimentary but they are all brutally honest. Roots is all about getting better... not fluffing you. er... fluffing your ego. There were some pretty hysterical things said during the critique tonight. Click here to see a few on Twitter. This is what it looks like during the sessions ::

Ok. This little pirate needs to get his booty to bed. Sea bed. HIYOOOOO.


ok. I'm making lame jokes. Time for bed.

Get low.


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