Roots Workshop Day 4


Today was another busy day in Cape Cod, with Roots Workshop students returning to photograph their assignments again, working to apply the suggestions from last night's (late night) critiques. So grateful to Eric for another fantastic account of the students doing their thing around the Cape.

We all woke up smiling to see yesterday's rain had moved out.

Mentor Mark squeezed in a quick paddle before heading out. Did you see his silly video from the previous blog post yet?

Christina captured the sheriff's youth academy at a ropes course.

Ned had a much more successful day on the lobster boat. Sunshine = fair seas = happy tummy.

Rob hung with some cutie kiddos at a YMCA camp.

Andree immersed herself at a beautiful horse farm.

Audra put in some long hours at an ice cream shop.

Mentor Tyler advised for some sweet dusk shots.

Talk about working an angle!

The view from our dock, as round #2 critiques begin inside.

This week has f-l-o-w-n!! Can't wait to see how everything comes together at tomorrow night's slideshow celebration night!

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  1. That is such a cool roof shot. Great stuff everyone. Best to all from Maine.



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