Roots Workshop Day 5


Thursday, the last full day at Roots Workshop (sniff, sniff), was spent at the house as teams completed a final edit of each student's work and then assembled the best of the take into a 30 (ish) image slideshow.

Per usual, the day began with another yummy meal by Chef J.

J made sure everyone started their day this week fueled with a full belly including scrambled eggs, blueberry pancakes, or today, a breakfast burrito- with onions (Crying for entertainment purposes only).

Next up, Mark entertained... er... led a mini boot camp in the yard.

Once we got to editing, the day- par for the course- included lots of laughter.

And singing breaks.

But there were plenty of pensive, solitary moments as folks assembled a week's worth of growth into their selection slideshows, a task taken seriously by all.

For dinner, we donned some bugspray and hit the deck for an amazing Jake's Bake lobster feast.

We moved under the porch as it started to rain. Love the coziness.

Roots '08 student Shyla arrived with a plateful of homemade Roots logo cookies. How sweet!

Jennifer's Snapshot Studio provided some hilarious entertainment.

Of course we all had to climb in together (note Mark's beard on Greg's head please).

The slideshows begin. Each student introduced their assignment, sharing tidbits they learned throughout the process.

The formal portion of the evening (or shall I say, blog-appropriate) ended up with a beautiful slideshow of all the images Eric took, accompanied by an original tune on guitar. We heart you, Eric!

So proud and inspired by everyone this week! More on this in tomorrow's post...

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  1. I am so happy that you have all experienced another wonderful week of learning and laughter, courtesy of some incredibly talented people. You have been in great hands all week ,an will be better for the experience. I send hugs to all of you for havng donated /experienced such a great learning connection.



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