Roots Workshop Day 6


After a super fun post-slideshow celebration on Thursday which included a late night dance party and our (now annual, as this was the second) Chubby Bunny Invitational, everyone miraculously rallied on Friday morning for a group portrait on the dock before the emotional good-byes of the day that followed (minus two who had already left).

As we perched on our dock at low tide, I looked around me and couldn't help but be inspired by the beauty of the simple moment and the strength of the friendships formed around me. Folks who just days before were complete strangers, were sharing inside jokes and not caring one bit that none of us had brushed our teeth yet. :) This dock, this house, these faces, this week, this experience, will be burned in my memory until we can return to inspire a new group of students next July.

I'm logging off to enjoy a day of relaxation and reflection before returning to the workflow that awaits back in Maine. This won't be the end of the Roots Workshop '09 blogging, of course, as I cannot wait to share with you the students' work and impressions of the experience soon!!


  1. I love you and Christina in the middle! You are like two balls of sunshine!

  2. You know you love folks when you are willing to embrace their stinky morning breath :)

  3. I'm sitting next to saying that I had stinky morning breath? :)

    So great to have you at Roots!!

  4. Emilie,

    I just sent a contact form through the Roots workshop to learn more about the 2010 workshop - it looks like you all really had an amazing week!


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